Hello December…

Welcome to December…

Hello… Season’s greetings or should I say compliments of the season… Whichever you decide to say with December comes a special feeling depending on the individual. To some it is the end of a working year, to others the celebration of the Birth of Christ, while to another it is time to party hard but there is another group that reflect on how the year as been and feel bad on the goals that could not be accomplished.

Whichever side you are on the divide I have some facts to let you know and some might sound cliché, but they still ring true.

  • There is still life, however the year as been which means there is hope for a turnaround. This year brought its twist and turns, ups and downs but we made it to the end of the year, that we should be thankful for.
  • The year is still not over regardless, who knows something amazing can still occur
  • Thankful for family we still have around, though we might have lost some along the way, but we also have gained others. Life and death are a constant but why we are here we cherish every moment.
  • There is another year to look forward in hope. You might not have hit it big at 25 or gotten married at 30 or gotten wealthy at 40 but you got a second chance at it.
  • For those ill and facing terrible challenges, hey life can be unfair, but it takes you to find the ray of sunshine. It is there and even in the seemingly hopeless situation find succor in the fact that you have people that love you or the fact you get the chance to smile at a nurse or a doctor and encourage him/her even in your own state.

Life throws us curve balls, but we must learn to be flexible enough to dodge those curves or even stand up after getting knocked down. You will smile again even before the end of this year. So, I say Congratulations in advance and remember to SMILE!

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