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This is a short film about a sleep deprived office worker who discovers a black hole that can lead to the other side of wherever the paper is placed. So, he decides to go to the office safe plasters that paper over the door of the safe and begins to bring out the money. He gets enough but wants more, so what does he do?

He sticks one hand, and then another and that is not enough, he finally goes through the paper into the safe only for the paper to fall off and he is left stranded in the safe.

It is an amazing movie that nothing is said but enough lesson is learnt from it. Firstly, Greed destroys. We have to be content with what we have and not be greedy and destroy it all. A true test of humility is not in when a man as nothing or a subordinate but when a man owns everything then his true character would shine through. We see a tired and sleep deprived worker doing his job because that is all he has to stay afloat with his bills but when he finds a break, we see his true character of greed shine through.

We must also be thankful for what we have and celebrate the little victories even when we have not reached the end goal. Because if we do not celebrate the small milestones when we eventually get that end goal, if we ever. Time would have pass us by and the process lost on us.

The Black hole is a short movie I would enjoin everyone to watch because it makes a whole lot of sense. WHO TRULY ARE YOU WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING? WHO TRULY ARE YOU WHEN YOU ARE JUST BY YOURSELF? WHO ARE YOU WHEN YOU HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE MAJOR DECISIONS, WHO ARE YOU WHEN YOU HAVE THE OPTION TO BE CONTENT OR GRAB EVEN MORE GREEDILY? Let us pause and think on these things. Until next time Have an amazing day.

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