Short Stories

The Welcome of my beautiful Pride and Joy…

The Welcome of my beautiful Pride and Joy…

Kiki and Daddy…

I have been offline for three weeks, for my esteemed followers, I am totally sorry for keeping you in the dark. But something remarkable happened, something indescribable, something absolutely beautiful, something so miraculous, words are not enough to describe it.

My wife and I welcomed to the world our little treasure, our evidence of Gods greatness. Kikiogooluwa. Kiki for short. I am a father and it is something so amazing I must tell you all. For Three weeks I have watched her grow, sleep, feed, taken Immunization, throw a tantrum, stay awake all night, rocked her to sleep, rocked her to no effect, hear her make baby sounds and all these melts my heart and still does. Each day is an adventure, each day brings a new lesson, each day her temperament shows forth and for lack of words, it is BEAUTIFUL.


I know it is a Journey and it is one I would intimate you all with, I am still a rocky in this, but I will try my utmost best to share what as worked and probably things that have not. If you have ever had a child or experienced the birth of one kindly share your experience or one moment that melted your heart the most so far. T21

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