WORKLIFE: Which Kind of Leader are you? Pt. II

WORKLIFE: Which Kind of Leader are you? Pt. II

From the movie: Wolf of Wall street…

A while back we discussed the kind of leaders we have in the workspace and today we will be focused on the Motivating and passionate kind of leader. These kinds remind me of Leonardo Dicaprio in Wolf of Wallstreet. They motivate the hell out of their team. They push their team to exceed expectation even if the team is limited. They have a smile on their face, they are all-inclusive and they celebrate even the minute wins. These kind of leaders are the dream of their followers and to be honest you can imagine why. Their office is opened to all at any time. They can drop everything just to listen to their followers, look them in the eyes and make them know they are always there for them. The set leaders might have clashed with management from time to time because they will shield their team from any and all assaults and even if they have to let someone go, it would be so emotionally filled that even that person would love the leader more after getting the letter.

They lead by getting their hands involved and not just barking instructions from the lines. They correct in the most loving way and in secret might I add but celebrate wins openly and hard work. Everyone wants to work for or with these people and you really feel like family. No one wants to leave this kind of people and when they do it feels like a part of your heart is torn away.

People should learn to emulate this set of people. If you are a lover of football you would know Mourinho in his first tenure with Chelsea was that kind of manager shielding the players, charging them up and motivating them to do the seemingly impossible with their limited abilities. He gave credit to them openly and criticized them privately. He is never forgotten by the players even in their Biographies.

The next time I bring this episode, I would be talking of the lukewarm leader and what he offers in the office setting.

My advice to those in Managerial position and in position to follow, let us remember that life does not start and end in a particular establishment or organization. People will come and go. Treat them the way you would want to be treated because who knows what curve ball life might throw at us all. We might just be across the table proposing something to the man that once worked under us or need his help on something not work-related and the way we treated people might make or mar us. It is never personal but putting a human face to it never killed anyone.

Have a wonderful weekend and can someone please tell the rain it is time to stop now we do not have the best of drainage in Nigeria lol.

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