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                                           FLIGHT GONE SOUTH VI

Air Australia…

It is your guy again, OJ and my experience as a flight Host is never ending believe me. Sometimes you think you have seen it all but meeeeehn!! Flights are events that keep giving ooo and I am one to keep sharing. Without wasting much time let us begin.

So after the customary wear your seatbelt the plane is about to take off, switch off your devices and keep them tucked away by the announcer, I observed this young man who by the way was expensively dressed with his air pods in check pressing his phone and my usual polite self, walked towards him and kindly told him to switch off the device and get buckled in. He looked at me with this condescending look and went ahead pressing his phone. Believe me when I say I am not one that gets angry easily, so I did not get angry immediately, I have seen too many of such people in my time to get angry at him. I once again told him the flight was about to take off and it was apparent, he got rid of the phone at once. He hissed and then put the phone in his pocket, fastened his seatbelt and finally adjusted for takeoff. I also immediately went to my sit to do the same. If I thought the war was over, I was highly mistaken people. It just started.

Once the plane was at the required altitude, we started to serve the food box to every passenger. I got to the young man and then politely told him to pass the box to the person beside him, because he was seated in the middle, but I was in for a rude shock when he looked me in the eyes, hissed loudly, folded his arm and closed his eyes. Oh, I was livid, but I could not show just how much I was angry. I extended to give the passenger at the far corner when I heard the words “Please make sure not to touch me!” coming out from his foul mouth. I immediately apologized with a smile, at least till I get another job I will remain polite. I quickly did what I had to do and went ahead, not wanting to spend another minute there with him. But my moment of redemption was coming (I will not necessarily call it revenge lol).

When the pilot said we would be landing soon, and that people should take their seats and fasten their seatbelt. This same man had to audacity to stand up and say he wanted to use the toilet. I had gotten to his seat and told him, he would have to wait till we land, but he insisted with insulting words and I was signaled by my colleagues to allow him before he caused a scene. He had won again, and I was pissed and then my moment came, when the plane jerked and as he approached the restroom, he stumbled and fell. When the quote “How the might have fallen” is said, this would forever be what would come to my mind, or better still when the Bible says “Pride goeth before a fall” This was it in broad daylight. I was more than happy and for three seconds I will not deny a big smile enveloped my face before I put on the mask of concern and quickly tried to lift him up from his fallen state. He refused my help, eyeballed me and hissed loudly, oh the joy in my heart listening and watching him do all these. The real shocker was when he immediately went to his seat without using the restroom again. I was shocked and I immediately proceeded to my seat suppressing the laugh, but the giggles did win. Oh, I was glad to be honest and when he was about to descend the plane. I greeted him with a big grin and asked if he was not hurt but trust me his no response did not catch me by surprise. Though he had won numerous battles, I had won the war. That is the end folks. Do have a wonderful week and know it does not take anything from you to be nice to people regardless of how high up there you are.

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