THE HEADIES 2019….

Nancy & Reminisce…

The HEADIES 2019 has come and gone but there are so many things to talk about and I will go straight to the point. First and foremost, the organizers of the Headies should give a third party to organize the event. To be honest, they still have not gotten it quite well in terms of Organization, from those to present awards having a no show, to the Envelopes meant to announce the winners not handed to those that were meant to announce it. It was in shambles to be honest and for a 13th edition, on expected that it would have been a whole lot better. But kudos still to the team.

Nancy Isime and Reminisce did a great job, from their dressing to the way they tried their best to captivate and entertain the crowd. Though I must say they never really had the chemistry together, down to the language barrier when Reminisce went all “Street” but still an amazing presentation.

Teni (Makanaki) was the toast of the awards with four awards to her name and her presentation of her latest single BILLIONAIRE was amazing. Mike of the last Bigbrother Naija also made the crowd cheer. Styl-Plus taking us back was another amazing presentation, with a mix of their favorite songs that captivated the air waves back in the days. I wish they did better though because I was their number one fan.


Falz also won more than one award on the night, Burna also got three (one being a collaboration) and Rema winning the Next rated star. All in all, I will give the show a two star out of five. More can be done honestly.


Davido welcomed a child to the world with his fiancée Chioma, and he was wild with jubilation. Welcome Davido Jnr!


Andy Murray finally won his first ATP singles title after a year away from the sport he loved so much and almost quitting it all together. Congratulations to him.

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