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                           THE JOKER…

Joaquin Phoenix…

In this melodramatic movie, one that reminds us of movies in the 70’s. Arthur Fleck tries to fit into a world that is not forgiving in Gotham city. A joker by day. He is cut between his daytime job and trying to fit in. With a mental illness that makes him laugh when he is nervous, a sick mother, Isolated, bullied and disregarded by society. We watch the slide down of Arthur into the Joker.

This is an amazing watch to say the least considering we have never really had a back story for the arch nemesis of the Batman. So, DC trying to make the Joker just like Marvel did with Venom was always going to be a gamble. A gamble in the sense that if the character was not likeable even in his dark twisted world, or we could not relate to the troubles, pain and sorrows of the villain that finally broke him or rile in disgust about the villain then it was going to be totally trash considering also that the late Heath Ledger before his death did an amazing job in depicting the character JOKER. It was going to be a tough ask for anyone to replicate. Jared Leto discovered that when he tried to play the Joker in Suicide Squad and did a terrible job at it. But I must confess Joaquin Phoenix did an amazing job. From the laugh, to the charisma, the movement and the total display was captivating for all to watch. You felt pity for the Joker and probably in a sick and twisted way wanted him to win. This movie sure puts emotion to The Joker. The dress sense, the style, the cinematography. The display and the cameo by Robert De niro brought humor to the movie. I saw Gotham through the eyes of the Joker for the first time and probably got a glimpse of his twisted mental image of why he did what he did. It was Gotham at its finest.

The only problem I could see in this movie is probably Young Bruce Wayne compared to how old the Joker was. It does not correlate considering they would have to meet again and become Archrivals when Bruce becomes Batman. The age difference would have been too much. But everything else was superb and linking it up to how Bruce Wayne’s parent died on the street was poetic considering what they became to each other.

Take a bow Phoenix (like we say in Nigeria; You finish work). It was a pure case of Master acting and I would not be surprised if it wins an Oscar. DC as outdone itself on this one, now the only thing left is to get a good director and Actor to play Batman and direct the movie. Phoenix has finally laid claim to the throne of The Joker and it is well deserved. Ledger will be smiling now.

You should go watch the movie honestly. It is enjoyable as well as emotionally captivating. I rate it a Four STAR out of FIVE!!!

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