WORKLIFE: Which Kind of Leader are you?

WORKLIFE: Which Kind of Leader are you?

In my small experience working (which is not so much). I have had the opportunity to lead a times and at most times follow and believe me when I say it is an Animal farm at work #ifyouknowyouknow. You see different characters and behaviors at work that you would be shocked. Is it the perpetual latecomers or the early birds? Those that carry out activity only when the boss is looking and those that work off themselves regardless of who is watching. Those that cut corners and those that go the whole ten yards to make sure a job is done. The tired, the dispirited, the demotivated. The motivated and energized. The ones that the issues of life have made sure they cannot give their full concentration at work (Who can blame them? Life is not fair). They are numerous, but today I want to talk about Leadership in the office space.

There is a certain set of people that seem so twisted and headstrong that every employee loves to hate. They are the ones that do not let room to think outside the box, they expect those under them to get things done their way or no way at all even if there is a better way of doing things. They micro-manage everyone around them and rule with an iron fist. If an employee misses work, they want to see evidence why they did. To be honest some of these threats might be born out of employees who have lied in the past (I have seen that before. The person actually claimed to be sick and went for a wedding and was caught on IG). Some who have taken the niceness for granted, but the question is regardless of the experience is this the best form of leadership that is out there?

I do beg to differ though. There is always a better way of leading people and a leader that demands people to do his bidding out of fear is no leader but a ruler. One who sucks out the oxygen in the room once they enter it and never relates with those under them is a tyrant of a leader. This is a first of the series. Next week join me in checking out another style of leadership I have seen under the sun.

Have a lovely day and remember do not be the kind of leader you once criticized when you where a follower… Unless you where one bad follower sha lol.

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