What does forgiveness mean to you?

I just watched a video of a female Police officer Amber Guyger 31 that was sentenced to 10years imprisonment for unlawfully killing a young black man. The young man’s brother stood in front of the judge. Told the whole court he forgave her and told her the only thing he requested from her was to give her life to Christ. He had not discussed it with his family members, but he said that he felt that it would have been what the deceased would have wanted. This moved me and sent chills down my spine. How much are we truly willing to forgive people for the wrong they do to us? Do we take pride in evil befalling people that even talk ill of us or pray they fall into the same trap they set for us or do we truly forgive and let it go? Watching that video and trying to put myself in his shoes. I realize they are huge, and it could only be born out of a heart filled with LOVE and regardless of what happened, would not allow hate, revenge or pain rule his heart. Are you really going to let go of all the pain and hurt and free yourself from the cage of pain and grief or would you let go and move on regardless of how HARD it is?

Is it easy? Hell NO!

Is it possible to forgive? YES!

Which is better, forgive or be consumed in pain, anger or regret? I will leave you to answer that.

You can be better than those that inflicted the pain to you. YOU CAN FORGIVE…

Wow, I’m beyond speechless, moved and touched by this teen filled with such a grace and a heart of love & forgiveness.

This is also a plea to everyone out there, be better, do better and have compassion on every human regardless of color, religion, tribe, culture or ethnicity. Be the definition of love to all that comes your way and remember no one is born racist. Our environment, those that we look up to and the content we watch make us what we are. Have a wonderful weekend.

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