Software Developer: TWO DAYS LEFT

TWO DAYS LEFT BEFORE THE TRAINING OF A LIFETIME BEGINS!!! DON’T BE LEFT OUT IT IS TIME TO ACTIVATE THE FUTURE THROUGH CODING… You can develop apps, games just from coding. If you Imagine it and with the help of coding and a system you can achieve it. Sign up now……

In Life those that are ready to accept change and quickly adapt to it are those that will survive and I have come to realize that those that are ready to explore the areas that are fueled with technological advancement are the ones going to be hotcake in the market.

That is why when I heard of this golden opportunity to intensely train people for two months, I had to share with everyone here. Though it comes with a price. It is a price that will keep giving for the rest of your life.

Get in here People! An opportunity to learn from one of the best minds how to Code is here. Starting from on the 5th of OCTOBER 2019. Your dream of becoming a software developer is a step from being a reality. With the world advancing in technology, AI and software. Some Jobs will rapidly go extinct while others will have a stronger say in the scheme of things and believe me when I say Software development is one of them. You want to get educated? Then do it the right way.

Qwery Academy presents a 2-month Software development class to be taken by the quintessential Oyeniyi Abiola (CTO Tuteria and Careerlyft)

Learn to build platforms with different functionalities

Date: October 5 2019

Venue: 10 Bisi Ogabi street Allen, Ikeja, Lagos.

Call 09015022201 for more enquiries

20% discount to the first ten people to register

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