Nigeria @ 59…

Nigeria @ 59…

Nigeria at 59…

I had so much to write about regarding Nigeria yesterday, but it all seemed so negative and dampening and with the rains I just totally disregarded it.

Fast-forward to this morning and I watched a Video that inspired me to write something else. Something of hope and live. We have been complaining year in, year out and nothing seems to be changing so why don’t we change the orientation and take the positives and speak the positives.

Nigeria is definitely a great nation, yes, we have horrible leaders in all corners, from the presidency down to chancellors but the nation is amazing producing one of the top five educated countries in the world. We have one of the best surgeons, programmers, Doctors, bankers etc. That list is endless, and it is something we should be proud of, when we do get the leadership of our country right, we will see major changes in this great nation of ours.

Institutions need to be built for the future. Institutions that are so strong it will make it next to impossible to practice corrupt acts. Our Institutions are so weak with archaic laws that the loopholes are visible to the greedy and corrupt which they consistently exploit. But with Strong Institutions which includes our Judiciary system we can smile again because salaries will be paid as at when due, only those qualified will be employed and not slots given by tribe, religion or who a person knows way up. Pensions will be paid promptly; promotions will be done without prejudice and the best ideas will grow. Is that too much to ask for?

Every state also should be able to control their resources and they contribute to the center, not the center trying to control all the resources with limited manpower and in the end not getting anything done. Let Zamfara sell their gold and generate state income which they will use to pay workers and then pay a certain percentage to the Federal Government, let Aba get their textile industry up and do the same. Let Lagos use the entertainment industry and do the same etc.

Nigeria will be great! I believe it. Nigeria in my time will work! I believe that. It shall not tarry, it will surely come. There will surely be a shifting and the old way of governing will make way for a new and better way of governing. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. God bless our Fatherland!!!

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