Former Presidential aspirant as still not be released by the DSS despite the Court of competent jurisdiction clearing him for Bail. Though the Court has written to the director of the DSS still nothing has been done to obey the court order and it just goes to show just where we are in Nigeria now.

The Nigerian Independence, which is tomorrow October 1st, should be an occasion for celebration but to be honest there is really nothing to celebrate much in this economy with everything going on in the news. From Kidnapping, to power epilepsy, our sport in disarray, our economy still greatly distressed, Senators and house of rep members still milking the country dry with their exuberant lifestyle which results to little or no improvements in our laws or constitutions. The Vice president and the Presidency also rumored to be at loggerheads is just tiring. I hope things can really work and with this present administration we still have not even spent one full year out of the possible four. We need help to be honest and need it fast so that this nation does not sink. It is also my prayer for NIGERIA!


Hamilton and Bottas…

Lights get set and BOOM!! After the last Grand prix in which Leclerc and Vettel had an altercation, when Vettel was trailing but the team wanted him to pit (come in to change his tyres) before Leclerc who was leading the race so as to stop Verstappen from catching up to them which resulted in Vettel winning it. We hope to see a “if the table where turned” Scenario and we did not have to wait at all because the race in Russia did exactly that. With Leclerc coming in the fastest in qualifiers and Hamilton in second. The Ferrari needed a strategy to stop Hamilton and the threat he poses. So, they wanted Leclerc to slow down just enough to allow Vettel pass through and in return during the race Vettel was going to return the lead. Leclerc did exactly what the team wanted but Vettel was not having it when it was time to pay back. Instead he told the team, if Leclerc wanted it then he should be faster. This singular action cost the Ferrari from even making the podium and trust Hamilton to take advantage and Bottas was closely behind. We expect more of these tensed calls between two large egos in Ferrari. But it just plays perfectly in the hand of Mercedes and Hamilton. If I was to predict one of this two drivers might have to leave Ferrari soon. I would also want to see a Hamilton and Leclerc for Ferrari wouldn’t that be something?! Only time will tell.


Manchester United vs Arsenal 2019/20 season.

Manchester City did the needful, while Liverpool are not letting in on any point at all. But the match of the moment will be the one between Arsenal and Manchester United. Someone termed it with battle between a No Defense team vs a No Attack team. United with a better defense vs an Arsenal team with a superior attacking power promises to be explosive, but it will definitely boil down to the team that can take their chances. May the best team win though you know where my allegiance lies and will always lie. Lol United

The World Athletics championship…


The world Athletics championship in Doha has begun and already we are seeing big winners. Christian Coleman beat Justin Gatlin and Andre De Grasse to win the Gold medal in a time 9.76. The fastest this season. This comes at the heels of some controversial drug-related ban and the timely lifting of the ban. But he did not allow that get to him while he clutched Gold. For the ladies Fraser-Pryce of Jamaica won the 100M and it was amazing to see her back on the tracks doing what she knows how to do best even at 32years of age. For the promising Nigerian athletes, we await Success Oduduru and Blessing Okhagbare in the 200M to do us proud.

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