At the age of 57, John B. Goodenough invented the lithium battery which powers all our smart phones, tablets and laptops – as well as electric cars.

37 years later at the age of 94, John has unveiled a new, ultra-efficient, low cost battery which uses a sodium or lithium coated glass electrolyte. It will dwarf his original invention and make it redundant.

The new glass battery will allow electric cars to go three times the distance, and recharge in minutes instead of hours. It’s also far safer as it won’t explode and can operate in sub-zero temperatures.

The new glass battery will power our future solar powered and electric vehicles, homes and industries.

But John isn’t finished yet. He still works every day as a Professor at the University of Texas.

John believes humanity has a 30 year window to come up with an even more powerful “super battery” to take us entirely off fossil fuels, before the environmental damage we are creating becomes irreversible, and says, “I want to solve this problem before my chips are in ….. I still have time to go.”

I READ THIS SOMEWHERE AND I CAN ONLY SAY: So, if you ever think it’s too late to be successful, just remember John B. Goodenough. If you feel it is too late to learn something new then you should take a look at this gentleman, still affecting the world positively at such an age.

No! All of us can be a Mark Zukerberg or a Serena Williams who achieved success early, some of us might just be a John Goodenough. Just like his name reads “YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH”, and the world is waiting for your impact, so best believe it when I say You are Unique and amazing, and we await your dawning either in your twenties or your fifties. Goodluck and have an amazing weekend with fun!!!

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