On Monday night the FIFA best player of the year was announced, Lionel Messi was crowned the best player for the 2018/19 season and to be honest it came as a rude shock to me and I will highlight some few points why I think that is. But before I go ahead in doing that I will like to highlight how the voting takes place, who votes and what I feel should be the right thing if they truly want to be objective with the awards and not water down the true intent of the awards.

Lionel Messi…

For the FIFA awards those to vote comprises of a Journalist from each nation which gets 25%, the Captains of each footballing nation which gets another 25%, the Coaches of each nation gets another 25% and finally the fans of each nation get 25% which cumulates to 100%. If you look at the list you already see flaws in it, how do I mean, as a teammate of a player and a captain of my company I will definitely be choosing out of sentiment and not objectivity of performance for the 12-calendar month. What do I mean? Modric, Captain of Croatia and former teammate of Ronaldo voted Cristiano Ronaldo, Dani Alves on the other hand, the captain of Brazil, former teammate of Messi voted for Messi and finally to buttress my point Son of Tottenham voted for Harry Kane, by the way he is a teammate of Harry Kane. It already shows that the voting by Captains will be biased and not objective. Countries like Jamaica or Uganda who probably know only of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi will vote for those two first and just throw in a third name. The Coach of Nigeria voted for Mbappe and checking his lineage he has a connection with France, which tells me he might be voting because of that alone. That also tells me Coaches might not also be as objective as we expect, neither would fans because we are all affiliated to one club or the other. Which leaves me with the Journalist who I feel would be in the best position to make these votes, why? They have done researches, they follow these players from the club level, to the national level, they have the stats, they know the tournaments these players have participated in and they can to a considerable level be objective with their votes. Guess who the Journalist voted for? Van Dijk and that says it all for me, while majority of captains went for Messi and fans alike, the Journalist with the stats went for The Dutch Defender. From the few lines you already know where my vote would have been and all I need now is to tell you why? Let me start with Messi. He was the highest goal scorer in Europe, his team won the Laliga and they also capitulated in the Quarter final of the Champions league. Let us check Van Dijk, shall we? He was never dribbled during the calendar year in question, he had one of the best interceptions in the league and his team conceded the least number of goals in Europe. He scored a few goals and his team won the Champions league while in his national team, he led his team to the finals of the European Nations league beating Germany along the way. Someone asked me, why did his team concede three goals, against Barcelona in Nou Camp and he was on the pitch? and I countered, why the Messi’s team in Anfield conceded four unreplied goals and Messi could not score and he was on the pitch. If we are being honest Messi is a great player that goes for Ronaldo, the greatest of all time probably those two but for the calendar months in question Van Dijk more than deserved it and I believe a great disservice was done to the young man. He was the Premier league football Association Player of the year com’on.

What would be the solution for me? Get a team of 20 or 30 seasoned Journalist give them a guideline to rate each player and each position with score points. Give them the clips of each player for the calendar year and pay them well to watch it, score the points and come out with the result. That would be free of bias and fair for all, my humble opinion. Messi did not deserve this award just like Modric did not last year but congratulations to the little genius.

Megan Rapinoe…

For the women Megan Rapinoe of the USA took home to coveted price and it was not going to be in contention considering how she went toe to toe with President Trump while keeping her cool in the matches and her famous celebration style.

The FIFA best XI was also an embarrassment to be sincere, what where Ramos, Modric and Marcelo doing in the list considering how terrible they where all year last season. Goes to show how biased the votes are.

Jurgen Klopp, Lionel Messi and Allison Becker…

Allison Becker won the Goalkeeper of the year which was well deserved and Jurgen Klopp won the manager of the year which was also splendid

Messi, Van Dijk and Ronaldo…

Marcelo Bielsa and Leeds United won the FIFA fair play award which was amazing to watch considering they scored a goal with a man injured, the coach instructed they allowed the opponent score and guess what? The matched ended in a draw.

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