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CBN clarifies New Policy.

The Apex Bank, Central Bank of Nigeria have come out to state that the percentage proposed to be removed from depositing cash from N500,000 and above is not on the total amount but on the subsequent amount after the N500,000. Consequently, if a person deposits N501,000 the 2percent would be on the N1,000 and it will amount to N20. It is good that they cleared this up (if this was the original plan from the get-go which I doubt) but if it was then why did they do a shabby job by not announcing it with the communique. It shows they did not do a great job at all considering the Banks under them relayed the same thing without explanation. It is sad that such development where probably not well thought through or well communicated and we cry for development but those that should be in charge go ahead to do shabby jobs at it.


I will sound it out loud and clear. Lagos currently is not working. It is at a standstill and there are no signs of Life. I have waited and watched the new administration and patiently giving them time to settle down but believe me when I say there is no notable development occurring in Lagos and it is so sad with all the fanfare and empty promises the biggest commercial state in Nigeria is under neglect and the telling signs are there. I was going to wait till December, but it is evident nothing is being done to better Lagos from its current state. The roads are getting worse, LASTMA officials are not doing much and no notable changes in the different local governments. Just maybe it is time for a change of party for LAGOS. Just maybe this party have run out of ideas to take this state to the next level. Only time will tell. I will keep sitting here, observing and writing on those observations.


Jharrel Jerome won an Emmy as the Leading actor in the Limited series or movie When they see us and I am happy for that, the event which held in Los Angeles also had Game of Thrones win and it felt anticlimactic considering how disastrous the Last season was but Peter Dinklage who played Tyrion Lannister very well deserved his award.


The Venue was Singapore, the sport Formula One, the cars fighting for front role was Mercedes and Ferrari, Ferrari having the momentum coming into the race even in qualifiers Leclerc came up top. The Race Proper Leclerc wasted no time in showing his dominance, the young driver had surpassed the veteran driver Vettel and was beginning to look like the top driver between both drivers, Hamilton had to break the monopoly of Ferrari and this was one race he would have to do excellently well with a slower car and do a Hammer time if he was going to get something but it was not to be instead the controversy laid in the house of Ferrari, with the cars doing a 1-2 the Principal officer had to make a call for a pit stop. He told both drivers Vettel would pit first to avoid being caught by Verstappan who seemed to be catching up and after a lap Leclarc would do the same though Leclarc wanted to pit first. Trouble was brewing but Leclarc played for the team, but when it was time for Leclarc to return to the race from the Pit stop, Vettel was very unsportsmanlike and though he won, Leclarc knew it was supposed to be his. By the way that was Vettel’s first win in almost 12 months, but it was one he did not deserve and robbed the young driver off and a very vocal Leclarc did not take it likely. Vettel definitely would not take such if he was in leclarc’s position. I know this would not be the end to this, but for now it is an established fact Leclarc is the better driver.


In the world of football there where some few upsets of note and amazing results also. Barcelona is on the top of that list loosing to Grenada 2-0 and though Messi played for 45mins, he could not dictate the pace, Neymar also helped save the PSG blushes, Chelsea lost to Liverpool, Real Madrid needed a solitary goal from Benzema to delay the Zidane execution, Manchester United for now is a midtable club and is a new coach going to be the solution? Maybe not, but one thing is sure Ed Woodward needs to stop getting involved in anything related to the football aspect of the club and just stick to the commercial side. Ronaldo was on sung for Juventus.


In Tennis Naomi Osaka won the Pan Pacific Open in Osaka, she really needed to win it badly considering she had not won any title since the Australian Open, I am happy for her to be honest and can only wish her well in the 2020 run.

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