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So, for few minutes we will not allow the sad news about Marvel and Sony get to us regarding not finding a common ground with the Spiderman franchise and on the future of this amazing character that is supposed to be Tony Stark of the new set of Avengers. Without further ado let us go into the movie that comes just after the emotionally charged Avengers: Endgame and the last movie of the Phase Two of the Marvel Universe.

Spiderman far from home is one movie I have anticipated for a while, and though I have watched it for a while, I have had a lineup of movies to review or upcoming events to write on. So, I am glad finally an opening for a very important movie, one dear to my heart. Tom Holland takes center stage as Spiderman or Peter Parker depending on which angle you are looking at it from. Let me start from the summary of the movie before I get carried away.

After re-appearing five years after, school must resume, and the class are going on a field trip to Europe. With Aunt May in the loop about his powers, she sure was a pest, a good kind if I must say and though Peter did not see the need for his suit since he was going to be out of his neighborhood. Aunt May still made sure she found a way of sneaking his suit into his bag. Peter also had other ideas for the trip. He had started to have feelings for MJ and he was going to tell her but not without having to overcome some obstacle in another teenager like him. On getting to Europe he finds out trouble still find a way even in another country. A water monster crept up and he had to clear the citizen while trying to fight this monster, but another super powered person came to save the day and the people called him Mysterio.

Peter Parker was later visited by Nick Fury, who he had been avoiding before making the trip and Happy warned him about. Fury told him about Mysterio and they became friends. Tony also left a sophisticated glass for Peter that could control drones and satellites on voice command and so much more. To cut the long story short, Mysterio turned out to be one of Tony’s scientist who had gathered many other scientist that had one grievance or the other against Tony Stark and this anger extended to Peter Parker considering he was the apparent heir to all of Tony’s gadgets. Peter trusted Mysterio and handed the control to Mysterio who in turn wanted to use it to destroy London. Peter had to wrong the right by building a new suit, rescuing MJ and his other classmate, building a new suit and finally trusting his spider senses instead of just want he saw with his eyes which was seriously  played with, with the illusions mysterio had perfected.

Let me state that the five-year gap was the major flaw of the movie. They could not truly explain that gap, who went and who stayed. It seemed the whole of Parkers class got snapped then which should be highly doubtful but hey I will give them the benefit of a doubt. The new suit given to Spiderman was nice. Stealth black suit really did a number. The storyline was also amazing especially with the effects and illusions Mysterio created was one grand circus show coupled with the weaponized drones and projected image was one grand cinematic experience (if I can use that word). How MJ acted in the movie though compared to the cartoon had me wondering what they where trying to achieve, not a high point if you ask me. The Glasses and its potential were just simply “Tony Stark-ish” if I could use that word and the innocent trust of Parker was so believable considering he has not had much working experience yet in this superhero job especially on the large scale. One again Samuel L Jackson did not fail to impress, and it seems everyone knows who Spiderman is, or not? Only time will tell if we get a PART 3. Oh Yes for all my hopeless romantics. He got the girl lol.

I will rate it a Three STAR out of FIVE…. You do not want to miss it believe me.

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