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FLIGHT GONE SOUTH V – Concluding Part

FLIGHT GONE SOUTH V – Concluding Part.


Hi people, how are we doing today? It’s your boy OJ here. The last time we spoke I am sure you remember the story about the proposal gone wrong between Donald and Tosin yes? How Donald tried to do something amazing and BOOM! It blew in his face and we where all left dumbfounded? This is the concluding part of that amazing story. If you are not following just click on the FOLLOW button on the top left-hand corner to enjoy your doze of this amazing stories…. Let’s take off already shall we….

Tosin ran to the other end of the plane and found a seat somewhere while Donald continued to look dumbfounded at events that unfolded. He could not believe his eyes and I could see his hands trembling from the shock. I quickly recovered and moved towards Donald to ease him off the embarrassment, “Hey buddy, I think you should sit. It will help you”, there was silence for a while and Donald seemed to be lost in his own thought, I gently nudged him back, “Guy, try and sit down you need to” I emphasized just a bit more. Donald looked at me and I could see the pain in his eyes, “Thank you my friend”, “You do not need to thank me, just promise me you will take it easy”, “I will try but do me one favor?” “Anything Donald”, “Can you find out why she would not marry me?” I was shocked, she did not know me, why would she want to even discuss such with me but I could not tell a man that was hurting this, “I will try my best Donald, I will try my best”, “Thanks brother” Donald replied as he took his sit and looked away staring at nothing in particular. I heaved a sigh of relieve as I proceeded to check on the other passengers and then find a way of helping a brother out.

Ten minutes later, I saw Tosin sitting down all alone and I knew this was my chance to speak to her. I gently stopped at her row “Hello ma’am, would you like anything to drink, it has been a long day you might need to hydrate”, “No thank you” came to cold answer, without her looking towards my direction. I was already giving up but I had to try and know I had given it my all, “I know it hurts, but I can assure you, you will find happiness again and whatever your reason for not accepting it, you should not beat yourself over it”. The tears started to flow and the sobs where uncontrollably. I quickly sat down close to her and apologized profusely, “I am sorry, I am sorry please forgive me for allowing the tears flow”. After a while she looked at me, “it is not you, it is me don’t worry”. I looked at Tosin and I was blown away, she was so beautiful, and I had an idea why Donald liked her, you cannot blame a brother now can you. She also spoke softly and before you all judge me there was no feeling from me oooooo “Donald loves you, at least I think he does and he looks like a good guy, not like us out there though looks can be deceiving so why Tosin, I don’t mean to intrude but if you did not love him you would not be in tears over this?” Tosin looked down for a while and then answered slowly, “I really do not know how to say this”, “trust me I can interpret words not expressed clearly”. She laughed and I knew the ice was broken, “I am happy you can still find your smile”, “Than you errrr…” “OJ, you can call me OJ”, “Thank you OJ… The thing is that, I love Donald so much, I have loved him since I was a little girl, we practically grew up together and I cannot deny he loved me” Tosin then paused and the tears flowed again, I handed her a tissue, opened the glass of wine and handed her a cup. “Take your time”, “Thanks… We were so in love till six months ago. She got a job in his company and from the first day I laid eyes on her, I knew she was trouble. Donald would not stop talking about her and when they where together the chemistry could be seen. I must give it to Donald, he did not behave like most men, but I knew he was in love with her and the more time they spent together working the more they grew fond of themselves. I overheard him two months ago talking to his twin sister about his feelings for her but how he was determined to remain loyal to me and sacrifice such feeling on the alter of loyalty. His sister said he should propose that it would help and since then I have been crossed between two minds and when he did propose today, I knew I could not enslave a man that needed true love and not just loyalty. I knew I had to let him go and really find out if he truly wanted me or not. I knew for my sake I wanted a man that would not be cut between two minds or just propose because of loyalty alone. Donald is a good man and he deserves the best and this is me giving him a chance to get just that”. “Though it hurts like hell”, “Though it hurts like hell OJ, so very much!” “Hmmmm, you are a good woman Tosin and I envy how selfless you are regarding this situation. Listening to you just make me respect you even more. I will just beg you of one thing, to explain things to him, so he does not die of the burden of not knowing why, deal?” “Deal!”. Tosin then stretches her hands and gave me a hug, “Thanks OJ, you are amazing”, I felt on top of the world hugging a fine woman, but that is a topic for another day lol. I felt fulfilled knowing Tosin will be okay and Donald just got a break of a lifetime.


When the plane landed, I saw them both hand in hand smiling though they knew and resigned things to fate that they could not be together, but they would be friends forever. Tosin immediately turned and walked back to me, gave me another hug and whispered, “stop that evil thought going through your mind boy, when you do find a beautiful lady that loves you. Give her this for me courtesy of the woman you had a crush for” she looked at me and we both laughed, she handed me the ring and its casing. I opened it and my jaw dropped. It was original diamond and my Warri self already was thinking of buyers. We no dey carry last.


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