Today I want to discuss about an arm of the Government that has done more harm than good to the democracy of Nigeria and it is high time we put light into this arm of government if we want Nigeria to be great again.

First let me state that a nation blessed with over 200Million people should not be recycling people in Government. I don’t see why someone that as served as a Governor or Deputy Governor would want to go for the Senate and eventually when the person does get there would be paid pension of the Governor or Deputy and still be collecting the humongous salary being paid to the Senators. It is saddening that we have such people in government that do not care for the people but for the pay they will get and no wonder I find it true that when someone said the Government we have today is a Government made up of the Elites by the Elites for the Elites. A nation that is in Economic crisis and cannot even afford to pay the current minimum wage of N30,000 and recently proposed the increment of VAT from 5% to 7.5% still has the guts to pay its Senators and house of reps such huge amount and we claim they are for us? No, they are not.

It would surprise you to know that the Senators and House of Rep members in Nigeria collect the highest amount of salary and bonuses the world over and it is also ironical that Nigeria is one of the poorest countries and my question is who is fooling who?

I have seen many Senators Like Ben Murray Bruce and the likes claiming they are fighting for the people, but not once have I seen them surrender that huge paycheck to building their constituents, I have not seen any of them construct estates, roads, build state of the art hospitals with modern day equipment. I have not seen any of them propose alternate source of electricity that would be stable in their constituent or build and equip schools in that constituent with the state-of-the-art equipment. All they do is get money for sitting allowance (in an air-conditioned place with probably free breakfast and lunch and aids to attend to them and they still get money for that asides their salary). Wardrobe allowance (so before they became senators, they did not have clothes whao! And even if they had to be given this allowance, running in millions when the average person does not have that much.), Newspaper allowance (like seriously even if we buy the whole newspaper it should not run in Millions of Naira) and this is mentioning a few. This is just waste of money and it is sad we allow this set of greedy and selfish people lead us and make rules that only benefit them and not anybody. Inasmuch as we hold the Governors and President accountable and blame everything going on with the country on them, we should spare part of the blame to this guys that can always come back because there is no tenure limitation or expiration. It is time we focus on this arm of government and choose people that will work, that will make rules to help people and that will be selfless.

What is the solution? It is very simple. Reduce their tenure to only one year of five. Drastically cut down all that budget and make sure their salary is probably slightly higher than a normal civil servant in a senior level and then we will see only those that really want to serve Nigeria via for the positions.

 May God bless the Federal republic of Nigeria!!

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