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OJ is back again after a long absence from this space. While I was gone. Obaz finally got married, you remember that my cousin that lives in Lagos and must go through all the stress of Lagos life? Yes, that is the one that got married, thankfully I am always in the skies flying so I only face the hassle of Lagos once in a while.

Today I tell you about my most recent experience in a plane that shocked me and everyone in the plane. My plane was heading to Mauritius and I oversaw those in the First-class part of the plane. P.S I always enjoy serving them because they seem more matured, less aggressive and funnily humbler about their weight compared to the rest. So, as the host it made my job way easier, but today was going to be different and I am about to tell you why. As I was passing by a young man called me, he had a nice suit on with a tie and he looked tensed. His wristwatch gave him away. He was a big boy, the fact that he was sitting in first class sef should be enough, but I had to confirm he was not being sponsored by someone else. “Hello, my name is Donald, what is your name?” he said, “you can call me OJ sir”, “Nice to meet you OJ and you can cut out the sir”. He gave me his hand and I shook him. “OJ, you see I need a small favor from you. I need the best wine on the plane with two glass cups and if the pilot can announce my proposal to that young lady over there it would make my world”. Donald pointed to a beautiful young lady who looked every part amazing. They looked like the perfect couple, and for a second a brother had to dream but I quickly woke myself from the daydream and met his eyes staring at me drooling over his woman, I quickly apologized and took my gaze back to him, “She is beautiful shey?” Donald asked me and it felt awkward replying, “Oh yes she is…… I mean I don’t mean to …… you asked me the question and I thought…. Errr please don’t take it the wrong way” I stammered, fearing from my job”. “Oh, no no OJ it is nothing really, I get that a lot and I would have been worried if you did not take a second look or a long stare”. We both laughed. “Donald, I think I can help you here. Just write down her name and I will make sure the Pilot announces it in the next 15 to 20mins. Is that fine by you?” “Oh yes very much. Thank you for being of help”, “Anything for our customer. What of the ring?” “It is with me, trust me it was made in Switzerland by the best”, “I believe you Donald”. “Thank you for everything OJ”, “No, I should be thanking you for giving me the chance to be a part of this big occasion”.

20 minutes later….

This is your pilot speaking and I have good news for everyone on this plane. There is a young lady here by the name Tosin Coker please a young man has something special to say to you. Kindly look back and watch him go down on his knees. The plane erupted in applause while I positioned myself in a strategic angle to get everything. Donald went down on one knee, smiled so wide and then put his hand into his inner pocket and brought out a box, then he gentle opened it and I saw a big diamond rock that was electrifyingly captivating (and that is me being lost for words). He then spoke softly “Tosin Coker, we have grown together and been through a whole lot together, from hating each other’s guts to falling in love and now travelling the world together. Having spent this period with you I am convinced there is no one else I would rather spend my life with. So, what I am trying to say is simple. Will you make me the happiest man and do me the honor of marrying me?”. Tosin looked at Donald first with surprise and then the tears started to roll down her cheek. She used her hands to try and cover her face, smearing her makeup. Once Donald was done with his loving speech, everyone started to slowly chant “Say Yes!!” but Tosin could not get over the emotion and she kept crying and then as the seconds tick by my alarm clock inside of me began to ring out loud. It was taking too long and then Donald began to feel it too because I could see the horror in his eyes. He was willing her to say something, anything but she kept staring at him while the tears flowed and eventually she lifted him up from the floor hugged him then pulled away and said ever so slightly “I am sorry, I cannot marry you. I just cannot now” and everyone held their breathe.

To be continued….

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