So, few days ago, the Governors of the Federal Republic of Nigeria celebrated their 100days in office and I have tried to look at those that have performed, those that I don’t see anything worth commenting about and I will mention just a few states. Firstly, I will start from the state I am currently based, LAGOS!

Nothing significantly amazing is happening here, Yes, the construction of the Mile2 to Badagry road resumed but it is still snail like. The rail being constructed along Guinness road is also slow. The governor recently commissioned the Igando housing project which Ambode abandoned but I cannot celebrate it till I find out just how much it is going for and if it is going to be affordable for the man without much or it is going to be for the rich as usual. The roads being done are already going bad. The traffic situation has not improved with all the shenanigans and initial gragra (activity) the Governor came with especially with the powers bestowed on LASTMA and his promise to remove the trailers in Apapa in his first 100days is only just a dream. So, he scores 3/10. On the other hand, Makinde the Governor of Oyo state has been outstanding. From the free education to declaring all his assets and calling for persecution and dropping his immunity, to free books in schools, road construction, paying workers and pensioners timely to appointing a 27year old as a commissioner shows promise for his administration. I read somewhere that he is not the kind of Adedibu kind of a governor. Instead he is so different he can be mistaken for a foreigner. I will put one eye on him and his achievements and see if this is just initial activity lol. Finally, for now Fatah Ahmed is one governor that is also changing the way Kwara is looking with the major changes he is implementing. Still early days but the signs are there that he probably will work and make significantly positive changes in that state. Makinde and Ahmed are both above average as we speak now in my ratings.


Serena and Adreescu

Serena came, saw but could not conquer again for the 4th time and honestly, I am tired of the wait and I can imagine she is too. She has been excellent all through the US open but it seems the pressure for a 24th Grand slam was just too much for her to handle and once again in the final hurdle she crashed out this time to the 19year old Andresscu who was reaching the Grand Slam final for the first time. Just like Naomi Osaka last year, Andresscu did the unthinkable and beat the Greatest of all time when it comes to female tennis, Serena Williams and now we will have to wait again for the Australian Open next year with age not on her side anymore. Can Serena Williams ever do the 24th? Only time will tell.

Medvedev and Nadal

In other news Rafeal Nadal overcame a scare from the young Russian Medvedev to win the US Open and this just goes to show the young men are not and are coming for the old guards.

Charles Leclarc did it again in Formula One and comes top in his second race in a row lending more voice about Vettel’s credibility of being the better driver than Leclarc. Though Bottas came second and Hamilton third. The lead still looks secure up there for Hamilton who needs to keep making podium finish for now to win it. But Mercedes needs to find a solution because in this second half of the championship Ferrari are making a major statement that they are the fastest car, maybe not with the fastest driver but the fastest car.

Quote for the day: Take a while and stop to worry about what you have not gotten and focus on the achievement you have gotten and be thankful…

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