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When you think, what else can the producers of Olympus has fallen and London has fallen can come up with, they hand me their drink and tell me to hold up and BOOM!!! They give me Angel has fallen.

Just reading my first paragraph should tell you just how I feel about the movie. They outdid themselves on this one. Gerard Butler a little chubbier picked up from where he left off in the previous movies and did an amazing job not to mention Morgan Freeman’s ever gracious presence on screen.

Without further ado let me go ahead with the summary of the movie. Agent Mike Banning the trusted Secret service agent assigned to the president is suffering from Insomnia and frequent headaches which could lead not paralysis if he does not stop the strenuous exercise, he is involved in. He is also up for a promotion as Director which he is not so keen on accepting because it would mean he would have to be behind a desk. His friend a military contractor pleads for him to put in a good word for his company if he eventually becomes Director and the President is also in agreement for him to take the position and voiced it out during a fishing expedition, but everything quickly went south when drones attack the president and tried to kill him, only for Banning to save the president. Banning went unconscious just like the president but on waking up he found out he was framed for conspiracy for murder the president and he had to escape those that tried to frame and kill him. So, it became a manhunt from both the government agencies and those that framed him up while he also needed to prove he was innocent. In his search he found out his friend was the one trying to smear his name and he was involved with the Vice president so that Military contractors could return. Mike linked up with his father to invade those sent to kill him. In the end Mike helped save the President in the hospital and re-instated him back to the white house while killing his friend in the process.

The movie was thrilling and fast paced from beginning to the end. The best part for me was when Banning Snr blew up the whole forest when the assassins came, He had the whole place mapped out for any eventualities. A war veteran himself, it was amazing to see them link up. Also, where he hid the president towards the end was also checkmate. “The act of war is deception” taking a leaf off his friends’ book and finally the use of modern-day technology in this movie just goes to show the directors and producers had done a thorough research on new technology before shooting this movie.

It is a must see if you ask me and I will give it a FOUR STAR out of FIVE

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