Say No to Xenophobia…

Say No to Xenophobia…


I have tried to calm my nerves with reports about the attacks of other nationals in South Africa, not for the first time or the second. South Africans have taken it upon their selves to kill, destroy, beat, stone, vandalize and burn other black Africans like them with the notion that this other African nationals are taking their jobs, their women, their spaces and are enriching themselves with the resources they have. Nigerians seem to be the worst hit and I look, watch and read on in regret how a population who got independence from the whites late with the help of their fellow African brothers, Nigeria playing the lead role can forget so quickly the struggle, the anguish and the pain they went through and attack fellow Africans. It baffles me that the Africans they seem to attack makeup probably just 0.001% of the total population of the wealthy in South Africa (Misplaced Priority) and I keep asking myself why the senseless killing, why do we Africans turn on ourselves instead of uniting and becoming a force in the world. Africa is blessed with so much natural resources and the least natural disaster, but it seems we the humans are the problem. Many would blame the colonization of Africa, but how long will we keep blaming something else. When will we realize that until we become selfless and help build a continent that our children’s children can be proud of, instead of the selfishness of our leaders and greed they exhibit? It is time we take this majorly and tell South Africa enough is enough. It is time the whole of Africa kick against it in strong terms and let South Africa know if they do not handle things swiftly then we all cut ties with them.

As for Nigeria and Nigerians, I really do not blame those that leave the country for greener pastures, because if the nation was working people will not leave instead, they would want to work and earn a living here. If those elected to lead us actually put down infrastructures, create jobs, do our roads, make sure our health system is working and there is value for the work being done then I can bet you not many Nigerians will want to leave for greener pasture. The Federal Government should take a strong stand against the killing of its citizens NOW and make sure it stops the right way. Nigerians should also stop the act of violence on those franchises in Nigeria owned by South Africans. Nigerians are working there, and the attacks are causing more harm than good to be honest.

The World Economic Forum on Africa 2019 taking place in Cape Town has been boycotted by some African countries like Rwanda, Malawi and DR Congo. Nigeria also was a notable absence in the forum and that is a first step in the right direction. Kudos to the artist that are also boycotting shows in South Africa, that is the way to protest peacefully but strongly. Letting them understand that it is either we win together or we don’t win at all.

We are Africans, we are brothers and sisters, we should do better, we should know better. Stop all the inciteful words, stories and tales along religious lines, tribal lines, national lines and cultural lines. No man is better than the other and everyone should be created equal. No one will help us grow our continent. We can only do that ourselves and it starts with us being at peace with one another. I weep for my continent, but I pray and hope we will get better! Amen!

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