The News 2nd September 19



Cristiano Ronaldo…

It has been a weekend full of emotions and roller-coaster in the world of sports and I will just give some of the highlights of the day that are newsworthy.

I will start off with Football and it was a weekend with loads of draws from Manchester United the draw specialist, doing it this time with Southampton, to Arsenal and Tottenham also drawing, Chelsea could not finish off a stubborn Sheffield United who came back from two goals down to pick the draw. The Laliga was not left out with Barcelona and Real Madrid drawing with their respective opponents. The match of the weekend for me would go to Juventus and Napoli who played a 4-3 game in favor of the former. Juventus blew away a three-goal lead only for an own goal in the dying minutes separating each team and give Juventus the win. Danilo scored on his debut for the reigning champions of Italy.

D’Tigers in the Basketball world cup…

D’Tigers against Russia

The D’tigers who I must note her underfunded and where not even sure of travelling as at the last days leading to the tournament went on an amazing run with their first opponent at the tournament. Though the Russians narrowly defeated the Nigerians, it was a close one that needed the Russians to overturn a nine-point lead from the Nigerians at some point. The 10th ranked team in the world where stunned by the Nigerians who are ranked 33rd in the world, but they seemed to use their experience to overcome the Africans. As I write the game with Argentina is currently going on and I can only wish the boys a wonderful outing.


Naomi Osaka and Cori Gauff…

The US open is heating up, if I do say so myself and I have been entertained to some good tennis. Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff lost to Naomi Osaka in straight set to end her dream run in the US open. But the sportsmanship from Naomi was amazing to all, who encouraged the young Coco to give her interview on the court even amidst the tears. This is one rivalry I would love to see over the years. Serena Williams also is on course getting past her opponent and into the Quarterfinal. For the men, Djokovic had to withdraw with a shoulder injury which leaves the door for both Nadal and Federer to pounce hopefully. So we await the Quarterfinal matches.

The Belgian Grand Prix…

The Belgian Grand Prix 2019…

After the death of the young formula two driver Anthoine Hubert. It was always going to be a subdued race in the formula one though a classical one. The Ferrari’s meant business but it was one man that showed what he was made of, winning his maiden first position. Charles Leclerc was simply amazing and did just enough to stop Hamilton but the Ferraris still have a long way if they ever want to catch up with the Mercedes this championship. It was a good one, but Vettel will need to do some major soul searching if he still wants to remain the number one driver for Ferrari or go back to the heights, he attained with Red bull.


The All African games is done and dusted, and Nigeria came second without the adequate funds needed to finance that tournament. It is so pleasing to see that against all odds Nigeria is doing an amazing job but yet so painful that we cannot get to the heights our potential should get us to. We are good in Information technology and gadgets, we are also amazing in the medical field, Nigerians are making great strides in sports and wherever we go we make a mark positively. So, with all this great potential why is it that Nigeria is still the way it is? Why is it that with so much Human resources the country is still backward and archaic? So many questions and so little answers. The D’Tigers and D’Tigress are doing us proud with little or no funds, the Table tennis team are just spectacular. The athletes are doing a great job with little or nothing and prefer to run the Diamond league rather than for us when we do not even support them. Our Doctors are heading major Hospitals in the world while we are short staffed in Nigeria. When will we get it right at home? Till then we keep celebrating men and women that give it their all just to make a country proud, a country with leaders that would rather buy new cars for their legislatures rather than pay salaries in their states.


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