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The US OPEN… Other NEWS…


Osaka, Gauff and Williams US OPEN 2019…

The US Open is here again and I have three favorites, two favorites this year if I am being honest in the women’s category that is. My home girl and forever number one Serena Williams and the new emerging 16year old which we all call CoCo in another cocomania run, Coco Gauff and the last lady I have fallen out of love with Naomi Osaka. Williams is looking for her 24th Grand slam title which has eluded her this year, having appeared in three Grand slam finals and loosing, Naomi being one of the ladies to have defeated her. Coco who bust into the limelight in Wembley open and defeating Venus Williams in a dream introduction to the senior Tennis circuit only to be brought back to earth by eventual winner Halep. Finally, Osaka who beat my home girl Williams in two finals before sacking her coach and seems to have gone downhill from there. But she has managed to weather the storm and just maybe this tournament will help her discover her form back. But if I had to wish into existence my dream final, it would be for Serena to meet Coco and beat Coco (I know you thought I was going to play it out the other way lol). Next up though is Gauff against Osaka. With my write-up you should know where my money is. Good luck stating the obvious. For the men, you definitely know I am Roger Federer for life and I would love to see him do what he does best, win this Grand slam, especially after he bitterly lost to Novak Djokovic in Wembley in one of the most hardly contested matches of all times.


De Jong, Becker Allison, Virgil Van Dijk, Messi….

It is no longer news that Virgil Van Dijk has won the Best player in Europe. He defeated the likes of Messi and Ronaldo to clinch the price and though many will argue for Messi that he was the highest goal scorer in Europe and won the Laliga and others will argue that Ronaldo won the inaugural Europe Nations League, also won the Serie A and the Italian Super cup in his first season with Juventus. But Van Dijk was solid and needs to be recognized.

Kit Herington as Black Knight MCU

Who remembers Kit Herington? The Bastard son of Ned Stark, the Lord commander of the Knights watch and later heir to the throne of the seven Kingdom who never was. Oh Yes, I am talking about no one else than the famous Jon Snow of Game of thrones. After such a grueling time shooting the movie, it is time for him to take on other roles and which role better than playing another Knight. Oh yes you heard right. Kit will be playing the role of BLACK KNIGHT in the coming MCU movie called ETERNAL. I am so excited because I am a fan of his acting, maybe not necessarily his role in the last season of Game of Thrones, but he was an exceptional actor and I am also a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so it is a wonderful match for me and I cannot wait to see what Marvel does with him in this superhero movie. Watch out for him in this space…

Sony and MCU splitting over Spiderman…

The wonderful Marriage made in Comic to movie haven between Sony and the MCU has sadly ended. Feige and Tom Holland have come out to somewhat say this and I am pretty much sad to hear this news. To be honest not seeing Spiderman in the MCU will be hard to swallow and the fact that no MCU character will be able to feature also in any Spiderman movie going forward will be very much devastating, though Tom Holland has declared he will keep wearing the mask but what is the mask without the input of Feige or the villains and know-how of the MCU. I really do hope they can find a common ground and get back together because loosing Spiderman just after we lost Iron Man will not be nice for, we the fans.

Question for the day: Between travelling to a new country one every four month and being paid Half a million every month which would you prefer?

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