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Life is so much valuable it teaches us so many lessons and we just got one to do so many things and follow destiny. One of the reasons I started this blog is to affect as much lives as possible positively and show my generation that they can stand out even when the world seems to encourage cutting corners especially in these parts of the world. You can give love without necessarily expecting anything in return and you can live a legacy in the sands of time with the good you do. Some of us might not be able to change worlds but we can change our world, one life after another.

When I read the story about the young man called Sunkanmi Olarinde I felt compassion for him even without knowing him in person and when I was urged to write about him, I did not hesitate to. He has been diagnosed with an end stage renal failure and is in dire need of a kidney transplant abroad. Funds have been raised before and it was not up to the required amount and those funds had to be used for the bi-weekly dialysis to temporarily keep him alive while the amount for a permanent solution can be found.

I would not do this, if I did not believe in it or believe it was right. Let us show some love and lend out a helping hand. Let us prove that humanity is still capable of loving one another. I only pray he gets better and lives to fulfil destiny. WE ALL CAN BE AN ANSWER TO THAT PRAYER!!! Amen!!

Kindly send your donations to


Olasunkanmi Olarinde.

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