Nigeria and her Image…

Nigeria and her Image…

My Mum always hammered the Bible verse to me while growing up “A good name is better than great riches” and now more than ever does that Bible passage rings true especially when it comes to Nigeria and her image. First it was the Invictus Obi incidence, a man considered to many as a Mentor turned out to be a fraud, scamming innocent companies of their hard-earned money. To think he was invited for Tedtalks, interviewed by BBC and on the list of the Forbes under 30 under 30, brought shame, shock and surprise to the everyone around the world and probably ruined business opportunity for many, but it did not end there. The FBI again took a notch up when they released a list of 80 names and majority where Nigerians on that list on one of the largest cyber crime in the History of the USA. If the Invictus story was considered an Earth tremor, then this was the real earthquake with probably a record 10 Richter and that is putting it lightly. The US embassy immediately swung in action and indefinitely suspended VISA applications and grants for Nigerians, it did not stop there. In Some parts of the States the services to Western Union to Nigeria was suspended and this shattered me, especially someone like me that loves Nigeria and wishes the country well.

While the President is going ahead to appoint Ministers that have next to no knowledge of the portfolios assigned to them, our state governments are not doing anything better, oh I have not forgotten the quarrel between the Army and the Police that are meant to protect us and all I can say is may God help us as a country, oh and the President does not seem concerned because he has left us for a conference in Japan while Nigeria’s image is going under.

We the youths of Nigeria, have blamed the older generation enough, we have also blamed one tribe or the other enough. we are the ones committing this dastardly act or being used to do it and it is time we painstakingly turned to tides of the nation back to the good books of other nations. If Ghana can do it and enjoying diplomatic goodwill from different countries, then we can. It is time we stop celebrating those that have done us wrong or those we cannot trace their source of wealth and celebrate those that put in the legitimate work. It is time we appoint those with excellent track records in specific fields to that specific positions rather than those that will just spray the money just for the positions. It is time we stop making excuses for those that go into this illegal act because what they do affects all of us negatively. It is time we join voices and demand our rights from those leading us and make sure we are led properly. Let us also search our hearts and ask ourselves if we are towing the path that is right or we are no different from those doing it in high scale. Nigeria can be great again and it begins with you and I, when we start to do the right thing no matter how painstakingly hard it might be that is the only way we can achieve greatness again.

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