First and foremost let me say this, every Animation movie turned to a movie, will find it hard to replicate everything in that animation, it is a giving but what would stand that movie out is the storytelling and how it can captivate both the eyes of those that have not watched the cartoon and can also closely follow the original story of those that have watched the animation and are great fans of it. So, without further ado I present to you Dumbo.

So, his real name was not Dumbo on his birth, this elephant was called Jumbo jnr but got the name incidentally when his overly sized ears got in the way of the circus show. He learnt how to fly with those amazing ears that was meant to stand in the way but instead set him apart and gave him wings to fly. Apparently with such a talent, the biggest circus wanted him for the money he could bring, while his only goal was to find his mother and reunite with her with the help of his friends. Through series of events, his human friends helped him escape and reunite with his mother and in the process, he learnt to fly without the aid of a feather.

It is an amazing, emotionally charged rollercoaster of a movie. One that centers on love, family, friendship and the lure of money and the better life. Also, the very important lesson about family being everything.

I did enjoy it to be honest with the CGI effects and all, apparently not everything in the cartoon was followed to the letter but it was an amazing feat by the crew to relive it.

I will give it a 3star out of FIVE.

Ajuri Nwalale

P.S Congratulations to Ajuri, if the stories are true then you more than deserve the post of Special adviser to the President on Public Affairs, the way you anchored the show on Channels was simply amazing, you tackled those that spoke out of political alliance with facts. I just hope you do not allow the politics at the center get to you…


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