The Invictus Obi saga…

The Invictus Obi saga…

It is no longer news that the once Forbes list recognized 30 under 30 has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United states. It is quite shocking and surprising that such a man that has been interviewed by the BBC, as given Ted talks and also been an inspiration to many is just another scam artist, one with a nice legal portfolio.

This whole saga reminds me of a certain Ghost in Power, who traffics drug by night but runs a club business to cover the main source of his wealth, but instead of drugs in this case, it is using the net to scam companies of millions of dollars. If Nigeria as ever been low, this is a new dept of low for someone everyone looked up to for inspiration, with a supposedly compelling story that would make anyone want to aspire to be the best and start for more even while starting with nothing. But with the revelations, it has shattered many and taught many quite a few lessons which I would like to share here.

Never envy any man. Everyone’s race is different and some will become CEO at 25 while others probably at 40 or 50. As long as you are working hard and working smart, taking out time to learn, relearn and unlearn and your job or business is not flourishing right now. Don’t feel bad. You are doing something eligible and someday you will break even. Also, not everything that glitters is gold. He flew round the world, had the best life had to offer and many people would have felt depressed wondering when theirs would come not knowing it was all from illegal source. I am even sad for the woman he just recently proposed to and the rude shock she would have woken up to when all this become public.

Remember to do what is always right because those hype men and praise singers will desert you when everything comes crashing down. It did not take Bellanaija and Instablog to dissociate themselves from him, so as much as many praise you always don’t allow things like these get to your head, remain grounded and do what is right, never be pressured to do what is easy and illegal.

Finally, my advice to every youth out there. There is a process in life, some get it faster than others but do not be pressure to do what is wrong just because you want to feel among. Be diligent in your little and build yourself, your time will come, and it would be on firm foundation and not one that is sinking.

P.S I am sorry I have been away for a while; you know how life can get. But I am back now better and ready to fight harder

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