Sowore Saga: Revolution or Protest…

Sowore Saga: Revolution or Protest…

It is no longer news that Sowore was picked up from his home after he declared a Revolutionary protest that will change Nigeria for good according to him, this sparked a whole lot of outcry in both the Social media fare and the country in general, while some where in support of this so called Revolution, others termed it wrong and an unjust calling for. Before we actually go any further on the rightful or wrongful arrest by the DSS of Sowore let us get the definition of Revolution.

Revolution is a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system.

Now the keyword for me is Forcible, in my little time on Planet Earth I have noticed that any forcible overthrow of any government good or bad always ends up causing more chaos and anarchy and I know this with example. Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Zimbabwe just to mention a few. So, what makes Nigeria’s own different if we go ahead and carry out a revolution? Let me state categorically that the economy is not working categorically as it should and I am one of those that strongly believe that the Government of the day can do better, far better than they are doing at the moment but really a Revolution is a No No.

Some might argue that was not what he meant but I believe an educated man like Sowore would know better and he carefully selected that word. Like I said earlier Revolutions round the world never brought about peace to be honest just more chaos and scars that overtime needed healing and compensations for. Is it wrong to protest? According to the confines of the law it is not wrong to protest and we have seen several happen in Lagos and Abuja though I will not say all of it was without itches but if we honestly where in charge of the Police or DSS and someone comes out to say he or she was starting a Revolution, would you likely do the same thing or not?

I know it is not a popular opinion but let us not allow our emotion to becloud what is right. There are strategic ways to go about things and I believe declaring a revolution is not one of it. Though this will just make Sowore popular, but I believe if he wants to actually make an impact he should start with a state. Nigeria needs help and I hope it can come but not by FORCE OR VIOLENCE. Let us learn from Mandela and Ghandi there is always a better way.

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