California: Why can’t Nigerian states be like this state…

California: Why can’t Nigerian states be like this state…

In my devotion in the last few days I have been reading about California. California is a state in the United States without oil. It is not a country, but it is the 6th largest economy in the world. Its larger than the economy of France or Brazil, needless to say Nigeria is not in the scheme of things when it comes to California. California found a way of getting revenue of its human resources which is gotten from its University, Stanford University. Silicon Valley was developed from the numerous intellectuals churned out. With Silicon Valley came the likes of Apple, eBay, Netflix, Google, Tesla, facebook etc just to mention a few. California did not stop there. It is the home of Hollywood with the most iconic movie studios like Columbia pictures, Universal studios, Warner bros, Paramount Pictures just to mention a few. Without having Oil which Texas as California brings in more revenue to the country. It is safe to say that California does not need the government to survive, instead the Government needs California and it hit me. Can states in Nigeria actually learn a thing or two from California? All we hear is Governors who are regularly paid and not one month goes by without them not getting their huge monthly pay with allowances inclusive, complain about the state not having enough to pay their workers and how they look forward to the Federal Government relieving them at every point. Can we have state Government that can be creative enough to explore means by which the state can strive so much that even the Government would dance to their tune? Can we have Kogi explore the vast hectare of land and do something about agriculture just like California with the large expanse of land. What of the Northern states and the middle belt? With so much land, human and Natural resources what is the excuse of these states not to do better and be self-sustaining instead of always waiting for handouts from the Federal Government.

I have come to realize that we have mentally lazy people in Government that would rather leave everything as they are than make a difference that posterity can remember them for. I see people that would rather commission a road or two, build archaic boreholes and mend over roads that will get spoilt again in a year than build innovative ideas and get investors that would completely change how the state is. Every State is capable of becoming self-sufficient. I REPEAT EVERY SINGLE STATE IN NIGERIA IS CAPABLE OF BECOMING SELF SUFFICIENT. Let us learn from California and not depend on the centre.

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