Can Nigeria ever be Great?

Can Nigeria ever be Great?

This is a question I have asked myself repeatedly looking for answers and all I see is not encouraging. If it is not the killing and kidnapping of people on the highway, who the media have conveniently blamed all on the Herdsmen without verifiable evidence or the killings, bombing and kidnapping of aid workers by the Boko Haram sect. If it is not the Shiite group causing issues in the Federal Capital Territory, it is Ministerial Nominee’s without portfolios being interrogated for positions they probably don’t even know and in the midst of that interrogation some are just allowed to bow and go without actually being questioned. It does not even end there that is the issue, we have our sportsmen and women always not being paid because there is one lack of fund or the other, but the Senators get paid without fail. The states of the road is horrible is some parts, while our education is a far cry of what it should be. With all these issues I ask again “Can Nigeria ever be great?”

Our best minds are already on the run for greener pasture outside the shores of the country and contributing significantly to the economy of other countries and here we are still using men and women in their fifties, sixties and seventies with historic mindsets trying to solve modern issues with archaic instruments for complex modern issues needing state of the art equipment. Guess what? Our best brains with modern innovations are not even in the country. One of the fastest athlete does not live here and was helped by a college abroad, one of the best Doctors in Spinal cord surgery is also overseas just to mention a few, shouldn’t we be looking on to these kind of people as Ministers since we have tried within since 1999 and encountered failure accept some few cases.

It is time we do some soul searching and ask ourselves if we really want the same of the same or we need a change now? With the early signs there is nothing new or profound this Administration can offer us in the place of growth and development to be honest. 2023 is it for us. Make or Mar if you ask me, if we get it wrong then during the elections and the candidate we decide to choose, let us just find our way out and give our posterity a fighting chance. It is painful to say but if we really want a transformed economy then it is time, we start acting it. May God help Nigeria!

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