The Ministerial List

The Ministerial List

President Muhammadu Buhari…

It is with a heavy heart I announce to you today that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as still not released the Ministerial list he promised to release few days back. Let us not forget that this is the same man that was re-elected President so he already had four years in Government already worked with some capable hands and not so capable hands, he already knows how government and democracy works, so what is really the problem in choosing Ministers and hit the ground working.

The President has been sworn in since May 29th and he already won the election In February, that was months before, so he had so many days to plan, strike out the names of people and add people to the list, so again I repeat what is the holdup President Buhari?

Why do we have to go through the same thing we went through in your first tenure when we had to wait six month and the economy was plunged into total chaos before names where released? I should not be surprised to be honest, but it is uncalled for and if he really has the nation at heart then things should be done rightly. Or should we believe his wife’s frequent tweets now about the APC and not voting his husband into power? Only time will tell.

But till then let us be aware that this government does not have any previous government to blame, they where the previous government and now more than ever is the time for them to wake up and work or else posterity will judge them for their lack of ineptitude.

This is a kindly advise to Mr. President to do what is right. The days are running quickly, and Nigeria needs to get its acts together, the economy is worse off, and people are suffering. Institutions are dying and nothing seems to be working properly. I want Nigeria to work and all I really have is hope.

Also, the President needs to come out and talk down against those threatening fellow Nigerians if the RUGA settlement deal is not concluded. It is totally wrong that those that threatened the peace of the nation and threatened violence have not been picked up for inciting and heating up the country. The Government should not allow this nation to be destroyed. THEY SHOULD ACT NOW!!

Kudos to the Super Eagles of Nigeria for taking out the Lions of Cameroon in an exciting and pulsating match that ended 3-2 in favor of Nigeria.

Watch out for my writeup on MULAN! The Movie coming out in 2020 Oh!!! I cannot wait, Disney got my heart!!!!

Quote for the day: Your actions matter much more than your words. They really speak a lot about your intent!

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