Cori Gauff…

Coco has she is fondly called by many is the 15year old Superstar (if you don’t mind my saying) showing off her skill in the Wimbledon open. She is presently the youngest Tennis player in the open era of Tennis. A young lady that had to write a science test during the qualifier for Wimbledon and then in her very first match defeat one of her idols Venus Williams is no small feat to be honest.

Cori Gauff did one better by also moving to the Round 3 of the competition by defeating another opponent that made it to the semi final of this same Open just two years ago. It is amazing at just 15years she is defiling all odds and doing great things. But we would have to wait because a certain Naomi Osaka also had it going great for her winning two grand slam only for her to go downhill since that second Grand slam. It is one thing to work so hard to make it to the top, it is another to maintain it. The spotlight is on her now, she would need her family, coach and friends to protect her and help her grow in this newfound fame and nurture her just like the Williams to be the best that she can be in a game she loves. Can she make it far enough? Only time will tell but the fairytale run continues and I will be rooting for her immensely to do the unthinkable unless she faces Serena then My love will be divided lol.

Venus Williams and Cori Gauff…

This is also a wake-up call for our Federation, to do better and be better. We have so much talent in Nigeria but the management and nurturing of talent is missing. Schools do not help with the focus on the educational aspect (which is still ancient most syllabus) compared to an all-round form of education which should include sports, Arts, music, science experiment just to mention a few. Get the equipment necessary to make the children great in the fields they are most suited for and not just want the parents seem to want. Get Counsellors into schools that will help the children align with their God given gifts in fields that will showcase their talent to the world. We have a long way to go in Africa, but it is doable.

Parents are the first point of contact though, it is time to forget the mentality that it is in only courses like Medicine, Law, Engineering and the likes Children can amount to anything good in society. A strong education plus Sport can make a child amazing, A good education in Arts, in music and all can make a child reach the heights he or she was destined to be. That is why many European countries will continually do better because they have projects that span 7years and rigorously follow through with the objectives to be the best in whatever they set their minds to do. Cori Gauff is an example of that happening, Naomi Osaka is another, The Williams sister, Roger Federer just to mention a few.

Take a bow Coco you deserve it. Now go out there and become the Legend you have always dreamt of being. To anyone out there, your dream is valid, keep pushing and following through you will get there sooner than you think.

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