The Senator and the Slap Parade…

The Nigerian Senator and the Slap Parade…

In this age and time I would have thought that something like the event I watched on Premium times would be a thing of the past, but I was perturbed to watch a dastardly act but a supposedly educated and enlightened human, who was voted by his constituent to represent the interest of his people behave in such a manner. A senator in the House of assembly! I am shocked.

So, in the video, the said person Senator Elisha Abbo entered a shop with three ladies when one of the ladies started to throw up. He blamed the Air conditioner for the sudden throw up by the lady and went as far as accusing the store owner for putting something in the Air conditioner. While the store owner replied that nothing of such happened and if it indeed was true why wasn’t anyone else affected. The Senator felt insulted and wanted to get the store owner arrested, while she tried to call someone, her friend who was nursing a child tried to interfere only for the Senator to land her series of slaps and went as far as telling to Police officer with him to arrest the woman with child. All these was caught on CCTV and I wept for my Country.

After the uproar and the cry for the younger generation to take up leadership in Nigeria, this Senator who happened to be the youngest in Nigeria went ahead to batter a young lady hereby committing a criminal act because with video evidence this is proof beyond unreasonable doubt. Some have come out to say the video was before he was sworn in as a Senator, while others blamed his political opponents but really, so because he is now a Senator he is now above the law. He committed a criminal offence and should be arrested and persecuted instantly, he also should vacate his seat and it should be given to another with immediately. Oh, I did not forget the Police officer that saw a crime being committed and instead of calling the Senator to order and even arresting him, instead he goes for the victim. It is so sad that I wonder when we will ever get it right in this country. That Police officer should be arrested immediately and sent to prison for not protecting those he swore while taking his oath to protect from such vile bullies and predators like the Senator.

We are not interested in a Press statement from the said Senator on how he is sorry, an ordinary citizen would not be allowed to go free with such an act, it should be taken over by the Police. I hope for the ordinary man this Senator is taught a lesson for such igneous crime he committed. May God help us.


AFCON 2019 Knockout stage…

*Will Messi ever win anything with the Senior team of Argentina? I think it is time for Argentina to move on from Messi if you ask me. The Brazilian have been brilliant since Neymar’s injury. Sometimes gifted players do more damage than help a team.

*The Ministerial list as been sent to the House of Assembly for approval we await the names inside. We will all be here and see the names.

*Nigeria face Cameroon in the next round of the nations cup and if they get past Cameroon, we await the winners of South Africa and Egypt. The Coach and players brought this upon themselves. They had no business losing to Madagascar.

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