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X-men: Dark Phoenix…

After the very epic Avengers: Endgame, watching any Marvel movie was going to be tricky for me even if it was made before the buy over of Fox by Disney. Though X-men has not been introduced to the Marvel Universe it still felt strange.

Let me shout it out loud James McAvoy is a very good actor. Remember him in Glass and split? The guy with the multiple personality disorder. That guy is Professor Xavier and he did an amazing job playing this character. Let me go on with the story before I get carried away.

So Jean Grey after being rescued by Xavier and brought to his school to be trained and part of her past suppressed to keep her from living through the pain and anguish of killing her own mother and being abandoned by her father, had to go into space with the rest of the team, which included Raven, storm, Night crawler, cyclops etc. to rescue some Astronauts. In the process they encountered some complications and Jean had to help in the process she imbibes a very strong life force before she could be rescued by her team. She seemed okay though the chats showed her abilities had gone off the chats when Hank checked. But she still claimed to be okay until she lost control and destroyed somethings. Xavier tried to go into her mind, but the FORCE had released the grip that Xavier had on her and made her stronger up to the point Xavier could not control her mind anymore and she shut him out. She began to remember, and the rage and anger crept in, she also found out her father was alive and went in search of him.

In another scene an alien race came in search of the Force so they can make earth their home with limitless power from the force which I would refer to as the Phoenix and destroy our race. So, they went in search of Jean that carried the Phoenix on the inside of her. Meanwhile Jean got to her house and found out her father did not want her because she killed her mother. She also saw that her father did not want her and willing gave her away to Xavier. He called her a monster. The X-men got there in time and though they tried to stop her and bring her back, she accidentally killed Raven (mystique) and then flew to meet Magneto to ask how she can stop killing. She was followed there by the military, but Jean easily took them down and Magneto had to save them and tell her to leave. Beast got angry and wanted to kill Jean for ending the life of Raven, his one true love. He teamed up with Magneto who was also in love at some point with Raven and they went in search of Jean. The Aliens found Jean and wanted to convince her to turn against the mutants, while Charles Xavier took Scott, Storm and Nightcrawler to stop Jean from further killing anyone and stop Magneto and Hank from killing her. It was a brawl on the streets, but Jean took Magneto and even Xavier easily and when she was about killing Xavier, he allowed her look into his mind and saw everything he did for her was done out of love. Jean agreed to give the power to the alien unknown to her, her true intentions. Till Scott came and used his ray beams to stop the complete transfer. Meanwhile the Military immediately captured the mutants and put a collar that stopped mutant from using their power. On the train to the confinement they intended to put the mutants with Jean grey knocked unconscious. They found a way to get the collars broken when the intended attack of the aliens where discovered. It was a good show of mutant skill though Magneto is still the boss of badass, I love the way he fights with not much effort. We also saw Nightcrawler turn from a defensive, shy and calm person to a more combative one which was amazing. They finally got Jean to wake up and she showed the stuff she was made of after forgiving Xavier.

The movie was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed it to be honest. Michael Fassbender did good playing Magneto, hard as steel, cool as ice. The love/hate relationship of Charles and Magneto again came to play just like in the cartoons. It is glad to see occasionally they put away their stand and just enjoy a good game of chess. Sophie Turner did good playing Jean. The fear, insecurity and raw emotion shone through and it was captivating.

I will rate it a FOUR STAR out of a FIVE

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