A single solitaire Diamond in amongst some pieces of coal.

The sun rises and with it, hope for another day. Hope that the trees will flourish, the wind will blow the rains will fall and life can be much more.

Nigeria, I see a people blessed so much but with so little to hold. A nation with so many possibilities and gifts that I dare say God had a special place for us as a nation in his plans. A nation so blessed with natural and human resources that are the envy of all and jealousy of many.

A nation gifted with brilliant minds and resilient hands, one with magnanimous hearts and tenacious spirit, one with a hearty laugh and a willful soul. A nation of people that never give up or give in even when the odds are against them. If it was just about the people then maybe we would be overexaggerating, but it is also blessed with natural resources from oil, to steel, bitumen to cassava, cocoa to coconut. The list is endless as they are numerous, but the question is why so blessed with so much and as a nation, we have not taken our place among the powerhouse of nations?

It is simple, we have suffered from leadership deficiency. Where a minor few lead the majority into stagnation and regression. A diamond meant to shine still amongst the rough, not refined or purified.

It is time a new generation rises from the ashes like the Phoenix and takes its rightful place. It is time we end that lines of religion, tribe and culture that has taken us several steps backwards and begin to enjoy the beauty in diversity. It is time we pay attention to the technological advancement of the world and stare our education towards solving major world problems. It is time constant electricity is a given and law and order are duly followed. It is time people go into the position of leadership not for what their country can do for them but what they can do for their country.

It is time for Nigeria to emerge the diamond that is as always been in the rough and do what it has been destined all along to become, to lead Africa as a continent into an emerging force in world affairs. It takes you and me to do realize this dream.

Say what is right not what is convenient. Do what is right not what is politically correct. Let the people who have chosen you to be your focal point in every decision taken. Look at the god of corruption in the face and scream; Not today or any other day. Have a passion for education and merit. Transform the living conditions of the people under your care. Good roads, Infrastructure, affordable housing, security, education and affordable healthcare should be a given. A Major Hospital well equipped and funded at a subsidized rate within every locality should not be an issue. The classrooms with Laptops, tablets, coding programs, Microsoft training and technological tools should be present at Primary and Secondary schools all the way to state-owned Universities. True Patriotism should be encouraged and rewarded, young legitimate businesses should be encouraged and funded. Every state should be able to self-fund themselves by producing and exporting one major resource be it natural, human or man-made.

We can be great, yes, we will be great. Before the Sunsets Nigeria will look back and say yes, we have come from nothing, we have come from total chaos, destruction and confusion to a place of peace, progress and power. The Giant of Africa will rise again. The Phoenix will rise from the ashes. Hope will be restored, and posterity shall remember the brave that made it happen.

God bless everyone that would join the movement for a better and peaceful Nigeria, God bless the people of Nigeria. God bless the federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!

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