The weekend was filled with so much events that I had to carefully pick some, so it is not a long read. I will start from the one that impressed me the most.

The FALZ EXPERIENCE II was nothing short from amazing and that is a pointer to every Musician and entertainer out there on how to pull an A-list show and do it in grand style. People if I wanted to come for a show and just listen to your songs alone, I would rather just sit down in my house, download your album and listen to it at home with the lights down, but when you say you want to host a show then it better come with the unexpected, something different, something I don’t expect to hear or see in your video. Let it come alive and let it be worth every penny spent and some more and that is what Falz the badt guy brought to the table. It was entertaining, it was thrilling, it was amusing, it brought with it different surprises and I must say he nailed it. EPIC!!! Falz deserves a round of applause for pulling something so unique up. From the Sobowale teaser, to the Funke Akindele and JJC stunt. The choreography reminding me of the greatest showman everything was amazing. Thank you Falz for showing the other Artist how it should be done.

Super Falcons dismantled in Opener against Norway

If we are being honest this is the best prepared Falcons team in the history of Female soccer in Nigeria. They had more than enough grade A friendlies and camps. They also where paid their bonuses on time and we also got a foreign coach and still the Norwegian though ranked 8th in the world and one of the favorites to win the walloped us, 3-0 and two of those goals being own goals. The girls at the back where in disarray to say the least. Asisat Oshoala was not being utilized properly neither was Ordega. The question now is that with the amount we are paying the foreign coach and the very slow and Lethargic display, can we say our local coach if given such kind of support and probably sent on training can do way better? I will not judge yet till we see what the girls do in the remaining two games of the World cup.

Their male counterpart played a draw against Zimbabwe in a friendly leading to the CAF nations cup. Though the match was not enjoyable, but you must put in mind no one would want to get injured before the real games begin. Also, rightfully Iheanacho was dropped from the final 23-man squad which is the right call considering he has not grown since his move to Leicester. This is a wake-up call for the young man to pull his weight and start playing like the Iheanacho of old that dazzled the world and got a move to Manchester city.


Hamilton won the Canadian Grand Prix though he came second in the race. Hamilton who was soundly beaten for pace during the practice and qualifiers, had to settle for second at the start of the race but Hamilton being who he is pushed Vettel all the way till he made an error that got him penalized for 5 seconds hereby handing over the win to Hamilton who was only a second behind Vettel. This visibly angered Vettel who felt the penalty was unjust, but replays showed that he did not create road for another car to pass after going on the grass. In two weeks’, time the rivalry would resume. But if I was to predict Hamilton has this championship already in the bag except something catastrophic happens in the remaining races which I do not see happening to be honest especially when you have the Schumacher record in sight

Portugal Wins the First ever Europe Nations League.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s led Portugal lifted the first ever Europe Nations League after defeating the Netherlands 1-0. Ronaldo inspired his side in the semi-final scoring an Hattrick and taking his tally of goals for country to 88 the highest ever for an active player. The closest to him is on 68 and it is not Lionel Messi. Ronaldo like fine wine keeps getting better with age and to be honest I am very happy for him and his teammate. His second international cup for his country and I will not be surprised if he is looking at lifting maybe one more before he calls it quit in the National team. The ball is in Messi’s court now. He has to take his Argentine National team to glory at the Copa America, he just has to.

Rafael Nadal also won the Roland Garros beating Thiem to it over the weekend. This win makes him the undisputed King of clay. Something we already knew lol

Quote for the day: Treat people the way you would have them treat you. Show love regardless of who or whom is involved. Let your love be free of culture, religion, tribe, class or beliefs.

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