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During the week my sister took us on a treat to the movies and though we went there in anticipation of Dark Phoenix we opted for ALADDIN in 4DX OH YES!!!! Let me state here I watched Cartoons vehemently while growing up and they shaped me. I loved them so much that I know if not all, most of the songs sang in them. Aladdin was no exception. I wanted to really see what the actors would come up with. The slight changes they would make and if it was going to be ever worth it and I can categorically say I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! Now let me go into the story for those that were not born during the time the cartoons aired or where not generally cartoon lovers back in the day (You missed trust me).

It started on a ship with Will Smith (playing the Genie) telling the story of a street rat who fell in love with a Princess. Aladdin was a street thief with a conscience just like the famous Robinhood. He only stole from the stingy rich, cheating rich and heartless rich and gave to the poor while also keeping some for himself. His acrobatic and gymnastic skills where exceptional and he truly enjoyed what he did till he met a seemingly rich lady unknown to him that was the princess. He rescued her and instantly there was chemistry between them. In the palace though the Sultan was getting old, a man of peace who had an ambitious right-hand man named Jafar. Jafar had ambitions to rule the land and with his sorcery he tried to persuade the Sultan to do his bidding though Jasmine would not have any of it. Jafar found a secret cave where a magic lamp would be and needed someone to get the lamp for him so he could use it and rule the land.

Abu, Aladdin’s Monkey pet stole the princesses’ bracelet, so Aladdin had to sneak into the palace to return it after the Princess accused him of being a common thief. Aladdin got into the palace with relative ease but Razoul the parrot caught him and reported him to Jafar who saw the perfect candidate for the lamp quest. After Aladdin returned the bracelet and promised the Princess, he was going to come the following night. Jafar arrested him and took him to the cave. Promised him great gold so he could impress the Princess if he only got the Lamp for him. One thing led to another and Aladdin got the lamp with a magical carpet, but the warning not the take any other treasure in the cave seemed not to be followed by Abu who snatched one for himself and in turn caused the cave to start crumbling in. Aladdin with the help of the carpet got the lamp to the entrance where Jafar was waiting. Jafar asked for the Lamp in exchange for the life of Aladdin. Aladdin let him have the lamp but instead tried to end Aladdin’s life but Abu the wise Monkey quickly stole the lamp from Jafar and the carpet caught Aladdin and Abu before they could fall to their death. Aladdin rubbed the lamp and Will smith was out, told him he had three wishes.

To cut the long story short. Aladdin made his way back to the palace, lied to the princess he was a Prince with the help of the Genie, The Genie became friends with Aladdin and saved his life a couple of times against the Genie code. Jafar finally got the lamp and Aladdin tricked him into turning into a Genie himself after persuading him the only way he was going to be the most powerful person in the room was if he had the power of a Genie which came with consequences like being in a lamp and being imprisoned to anyone that had the lamp.

My thoughts on the movie; It was an amazing movie and trust me you should watch it on 4Dx it makes a whole lot of sense. The experience would blow your mind. You would feel the water, the cold, the jumping up and down, the impacts and probably even see it through the eyes of the character. It makes movie watching intensely amazing. Will Smith as usual killed it with his singing and swag. A befitting Genie if you ask me. Reminds me of his days as the Prince of Bel Air. He was goofy, he was funny, he was cool, he was simply Will Smith. Amazing. Razoal and Abu also where great characters the CGI used was epic. The musicals brought nostalgic feelings. You can bet I sang along with the characters and to be honest I would love to see a sequel; it would be amazing.

I would rate it 5 STARs… Yes, I can get biased when it comes to cartoons turned movies and when they are done properly.

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