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Today begins the end of a decade out of a few I have seen here on earth and I thought I was going to write a blockbuster writeup when I get to this age. But you know the thing about Life it tends to throw you some curves along the way but still I stand, so instead of focusing on those things that I have not achieved I will focus on those things which have been amazing!

I am thankful to God for the opportunity to be on this earth for the period I am here. It has truly been a journey with its ups and downs, with its excitement and tears but true it all I am thankful truly thankful.

I am thankful for my new home. For wifey and how amazing she has been. In the few months we have been married it has been a thrilling experience, a learning curve and cheers to much more fruitful years and years together. Remember I love you forever and a day more Cara. This is as much a celebration of you as it is for me. To the amazing little chap coming from you. Whisper to him or her how much I love em!

I am thankful for family, my mum and siblings; the new family I have come to love like my own and my little nieces (they are not so little anymore). I might not experience it in words, but I do love you all a great deal and I know one day we will all look back at this time and smile a smile of gratitude.

I am thankful for friends that have stood by me, friends turned family. I really do not have many of them but those I do have I call them family, only very few people really know me and can confidently say they know who I am. I might not be the best of caller, I might not hangout as much, I might even be strongly opinionated and probably a times smile too much like everything is okay at every turn. But these people are the real MVP that can see through it all. You all are amazing.

I am thankful for it has been two years consistently writing and I am amazed at the development really. It has not always been easy neither has paying consistently for it been that easy but the joy of writing knowing someone out there would be reading and get inspired, get informed, get entertained and get educated brings me satisfaction which cannot be expressed. I am here because someone out there believes in me and my writing.

Papi thank you. I would always remember you!

Happy birthday to me then…. T21

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