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HAPPY NEW MONTH EVERYONE AND WELCOME TO MY MONTH…. So, we could not have review Friday because of pending issues we needed reminding of, but I decided to move it to a Saturday amazing right? Today We will be looking at SHAZAM the movie by DC comics and my review on it, are you ready? Let’s fly!

A sorcerer named Shazam was getting old and needed a young child with a pure heart who was not easily taken into the deadly sins as his successor. In his search he invited a young Sivana who did not pass the test but in the process condemned his father to a wheelchair for life. He set out to find the secret place of this sorcerer and take his revenge, meanwhile the sorcerer sent out his magic to look for that one that was truly pure of heart. Billy Batson was chosen, and he had to quickly learn how to use his power before Dr. Sivana who had acquired the powers of the deadly sins was out to get the power of the sorcerer Shazam and conquer the world.

I would stop there because I would not want to totally ruin the movie for you to be sincere. Shazam is a comical movie that shows a hero with the mind of a child trying to discover his new abilities while also trying to do what is right while protecting his newfound family. It was not the most amazing movie I had watched to be honest considering I watched it after Avengers: Endgame. I would not say it was totally bad, it still had its good points and the story line while I would not call it amazing was okay. Mark Strong that is casted as Dr. Sivana did a good job for the role though, but I was not still convinced by DC to be honest in this Superhero movie. Something felt totally off to me if I was being honest. Asher Angel and the other kids did great though that much I must give credit for. Would I recommend the movie, yes you can watch it maybe not for the big screen if you ask me though? Then the deadly sins like lust common, should the monster look appealing rather than monster like? Or greed should that be in a way attributed to money and all considering the planet it is in? The villains where not relatable and it has been proven repeatedly a good Hero is made by an extremely good Villain. Thanos to the Avengers, Loki to Thor, Killmonger to Black Panther, The Joker to the Spiderman in the Dark Knight. The list is endless. If Adam was casted by The Rock has predicted last year just maybe the movie would get the right accolade it deserves.

I will rate it a TWO star out of FIVE…

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