The Nigerian Civil War Biafra

The Nigerian Civil War Biafra… (We remember every Nigerian)

We recently celebrated the remembrance of the civil war and I will be very sensitive with the words I choose so as not to hurt anyone further than they are already hurting. I did not live through the civil war so I do not have first hand facts of what did or did not happen, I can only rely on stories of those that witnessed it but if there is one thing that kept re-echoing from those that lived through that period is the fact it was a senseless war, one that should have never happened and it should be a reminder to us all when we do not tow the line of peace, acceptance and love we end up in war that does not affect only those in it but generations after.

There definitely was no winner or loser in that war, only those that where scarred for life. We all one way or the other suffer the after effect of a senseless war that should not have happened in the first place if we had learnt to live in love and harmony. The distrust over tribal line still raises its ugly head time and time again and not everyone has completely healed from that incidence.

But the healing process starts with you and I. It starts with the appreciation of everyone has equal regardless of religion, tribe, culture, class or belief. It starts by teaching our history and letting everyone know that Ozoemena (May that which has happened, not happen again). It is time we all sat down and tell ourselves the hard truth, come to a consensus and be a better people. It is time to see ourselves not just from a tribe but as a Nigerian first before anything else. It is time to grow above the hate. I would have loved to talk about the Government and the work they need to do in implementing this quickly sigh but we know that would take a long time. But that would be the right thing to do.

Let us all look back and learn from those agonizing periods, teach our children the values of respect, love and unity and how they can be better than we ever were as a people. Never again. Never again! May the souls of the innocent mothers and children continue to rest in peace and may we continually have reasons to stay United, may we not fall victims or be gullible to those that do not have our best interest at heart or those that would use religion, tribe, class and beliefs to tear us apart. May we be able to discern between those fighting for our course and those fighting for their selfish interest and may we as a Nation be truly great again not just in words. Never again may we see our children and mothers cry, never again may we be torn away from the warmth of peace. Never again may we have to leave the comfort of our abode to seek safety in the rough bushes of danger. Never again may we carry arms to defend ourselves instead of our brains to develop our nation. Never again may we speak derogatory words to those not from our side but with one voice rise and rebuild a torn down nation. I weep for this nation but even in its hopelessness like the Phoenix we will rise up and shine forth together with my brother from the east, west and North even those in the middle clutching hands and crying out “God bless Nigeria” This is my dream. Never again will we have nightmares of unimaginable cruelty. Amen!!!


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