Is Disney+ set to dislodge NETFLIX

Is Disney+ set to dislodge NETFLIX


IN few days Disney would be launching its very own streaming service Disney+ and that does not signal good times for Netflix. It seems everyone are moving to streaming services like Netflix from the conventional cable TV we have come to know. More than half of American households subscribe to a streaming service and Africa is not left behind at least Nigeria. With Improve data and the cost of paying Cable stations which by the way is not Pay per view like is DSTV does in South Africa, the irregularity of Electricity and the number of hours away from work. It is only fair more and more Nigerians would go the way of streaming contents instead of paying for Cable TV they hardly use.

This trend according to Forbes is far more disruptive than most people understand. The downfall of cable is releasing billions in stock market wealth. Netflix is already claiming the bulk of the profit leaving even Amazon in the dust. But the success of Netflix also comes with its downside. Neflix changed how we watch TV, but it didn’t really change what we watch. Neflix might not be the future of TV after all.

Because the Internet has opened a whole world of choice, featuring great exclusive content is now far more important than anything else. For example, about 20million people tuned in to watch the first episode of the latest season of hit show GAME OF THRONES. It was one of the most watched non-sporting events in TV history.

Netflix management knows content is King. The company spent 12 Billion dollars developing original shows last year. It released 88percent more original programming in 2018 than it did the previous year and spending on original content is expected to hit 15 Billion dollars this year. All this have cumulated into debts for Netflix. Also, the report Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Daredevil, Ironfist and Luke Cage where cancelled on Netflix was a bad move for Netflix if you ask me considering the numbers where not doing badly and knowing Disney owned this character just goes to say a lot.

The Walt Disney company is one of America’s most iconic companies. It created Mickey Mouse way back in 1928. Over the following eight decades the company built an empire. Over 160 million people visited its theme parks last year. And it’s among the world’s largest media companies. Disney now owns Fox, owns leading sports network ESPN and ABC news, it owns Marvel, Pixar Animations, Star Wars, National Geographic, Modern Family and The Simpsons not to mention Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. That is a whole lot of content people. Now Imagine with Disney+ goes live and the blockbuster movie like Avengers Endgame is kept on its streaming platform the same day it opens in theaters. BOOM!!! After a few weeks it’s no longer in theaters, you can’t buy it. You can only watch it if you subscribe to Disney’s streaming service. For example, the only place children or our grandchildren can watch Toy story 4 and Frozen2 may be on Disney+ can you imagine how many parents will sign up for this?


At $6.99/month, what family with kids under 12years wouldn’t subscribe? Plus, Disney owns 60% of America’s second largest and fastest growing streaming service, HULU.

Meanwhile Neflix will lose a lot of its best content and potentially millions of subscribers who switch to Disney+ whose subscription fee is significantly lesser.

Only time will tell if Netflix can pull one last magic or if Disney will assume control of it all.

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