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Avengers: Endgame…

Avengers: Endgame was the cumulation of an era for Marvel. It was the end of a thoughtfully laid out plan by Marvel. It started with Ironman up till this point and every good thing they say that as a beginning must have an end sadly. Over ten years taking us on this jolly ride to this pinnacle of the last movie that we have waited for since last year till now.

Before this amazing movie. We have had Ironman, Ant-man, Guardian of the Galaxy, The incredible hulk, Thor, Black Panther, Captain America and Captain Marvel movies. We have also seen the Avengers gather in between this movie but last year we had the rude shock of a mad Titan called Thanos weep the asses of our earthly Heroes we have come to love, admire and cherish. It was impossible to actually conceive that Thanos won, our heroes lost even with how hard they tried, Thanos could not be defeated and he had the last say with the snap of the Infinity Gauntlet. Every single person left the cinema disheartened and lost for words and the only consolation was to wait for the concluding part in Endgame. If Avengers: Infinity War had broken our heart, we expected Avengers: Endgame to give us some expected closure. Closure at a price? I asked myself what price that closure would bring. If you have not watched the movie this is where you stop reading and close this post.

Summary of the Movie: SPOILER

Iroman Captain America and Thor…

So the Avengers that where not turned to dust after Thano’s snap had to find their way back to each other and then reassemble to find Thanos and reverse the snap but to their utmost dismay they found out the snap could not be reversed because our darling Thanos destroyed the stones. Thor angry and disappointed went for the head (Poetic Justice; considering Thanos told him in Infinity war to aim for the head) with Stormbreaker. Everything seemed lost and everyone tried to move on with little success. But when Ant-man came back from the Quantum realm. It was a game changer because he explained there was hope for time travel. So, they went in search of all the Avengers available. Found Hawkeye (Ronin) in Asia and Black Widow had to convince him to comeback. The Hulk became Professor Hulk (Bruce had made peace with the Hulk and now the Hulk had the brains of Banner but the strength of the Hulk). They found a way to go back in time and get all the stones. Thanos of the past got to find out through Nebula’s com that there was another Nebula in their time and found out what the avengers where up to. He set out to destroy their plans. Thor also due to depression became overweight and felt less worthy. He was talked out of early retirement and went back in time to get one of the stones in Asgard, made peace with his mum and then summoned Mjolnir and it came, he was happy he was worthy. Finally, Hawkeye and Black Widow went for the Soul stone unknown to them someone had to pay the ultimate price and they fought hard for it but Black Widow ended up giving her life for the stone.

Captain America…

The ended up with all the stones and the wrong Nebula (the evil still under the control of Thanos Nebula) and then Professor Hulk decided he was the one going to make the snap to bring everyone back with the aid of Tony Stark’s invented Gauntlet. He did the snap got his right hand fried before Thanos arrived. The race began to get the Gauntlet away from Thanos started. Ironman, Thor and Captain America faced off against full armored, two-edged blade mad Thanos who was not going to hold back this time. The fight started and it was intense. Everyone came into the fray and it was one colorful explosion beautifully constructed by the Russo brothers. It ended with Stark wearing the Gauntlet and snapping it taking away Thanos and all his minions including the Black order out of existence.

My Review


Professor Hulk was amazing to see, the whole story of Hulk came full circle and I am so glad they decided to work together. Though Thanos vs Hulk 2.0 was one I was looking forward to which I did not get. Hey, you cannot get it all.

Captain America though had so much highlight it was too much to take in. From him finally wielding Mjolnir to him also carrying Stormbreaker at some points. His resilience was amazing and his hit combos against Thanos kept me shouting during the duration of that fight. Calling the Thunder on Thanos was intense and Thor shouting “I always knew!” re-echoed all our thoughts for him to hold that hammer and use it. His words when the avengers appeared too would forever live in our memory. “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!” Goosh! it gave me goosebumps. He also going back in time to have that dance he promised was so emotional and finally handing over the shield to Falcon was the peak of it. Amazing guy I will miss Captain America; I just must mention him saying the words “Hail Hydra!” to the Hydra agents bringing the cartoon to live is something I will always appreciate the Russo brothers for. Edit: (Using his own weakness; Bucky when he was fighting his younger self to distract his younger self and knock him out was just witty, something the old Captain America had to learn growing up with the Avengers, is that Tony or Black Widow rubbing off of him? Lol)

Black Widow giving her life for the soul stone was the ultimate sacrifice. A former Assassin with no family gave it all up for her family was the complete arc for her story. How I wish there was a Black Widow movie, but she did great. Hawkeye becoming Ronin too like the comic was amazing and with his amazing hairstyle was unique.

Thanos needs a worthy mention. This was not the Lord Commander (No pun intended Game of Thrones) Thanos in Infinity War. This was the Mad Titan in combat mode, no holds back Thanos. Without the Stones he held his own and beat the hell out of the Avengers. He was so amazing with his blade that I clapped and cheered him on. A worthy adversary that was likeable. You do not get that often. Probably only Loki got that accolade. Left to me only Scarlet witch held her own. Thanos held his own and deserves the full stars.

Captain Marvel still needs to convince us though. Yes, she is ultra-strong but I am still not a fan. One movie and the half is not going to automatically win over our affection lol.

Female Heroes in Avengers: Endgame…

The Girls time-out with the Mad Titan was also nice.

Spiderman with all his legs got me all cheered up. His words while in action expresses just how he truly his in the Comics. Tom Holland is really doing an amazing job playing the character and I hope the next Spiderman movie nails it.

Ironman what more can I say. He started this all Cinemaverse and it was only fair he made the biggest sacrifice of it all. Just before his snap When Thanos said “I am Inevitable” His reply “I am Ironman” Was just too lit. That guy will forever be in our hearts. Robert Downing Jnr made Tony Stark come to life. Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and if I may add Ironman. His daughter also asking for cheeseburger which he did in Ironman one was just beyond words. Pepper also finally putting on one of his armor suit for her named “Rescue” just like the comics brought Nostalgic feelings and Spiderman calling out his name just like Tony did for Peter Parker in Infinity war just made a tear or two fall off. The hall literally went dead quiet with break out of occasional sobs. The end of an era, the end of a season Ten years of amazing quality and unexplainable joy. Ironman epitomized all that from being a selfish spoilt brat Wizkid to a caring father and a real hero. Let me stop here before the tears flow…

You know I am rating this a 10 STARS out of Five. Yes it has broken every single parameter I set for it and done even more. AVENGERS: ENDGAME just usurped (If I can use this word lol) TITANIC in my greatest movie of all times. Keep on resting STAN LEE

In the End let Love guide you…

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