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Captain Marvel

                    Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel…

I have been holding up on this review for a while now because of the thrills of Avengers: Endgame but it is time to go all review on it and expect the ENDGAME review next week. Believe me I have been waiting to share my thoughts on it. But let us focus on now and Carol Denver’s Captain Marvel.

It starts off with Carol not knowing much about her past but finding out she is a Kree warrior who are at war with the Skrulls who can shape shift. On one of her missions she finds out that the Skrulls could go into her mind after she is captured. She manages to escape and find herself on earth and tries to contact her fellow Kree warriors to come rescue her.

Carol finally meets the Younger Nick Fury and they form a partnership where it is found that the Skrulls are actually a good race that are just looking for a place to call home while the Kree happen to be the bad guys. She gets to join forces with the Skrulls and with the help of Fury, they find the secret lab of one of the Skrulls that earlier came to earth to create a spaceship that can take them far away from the Kree to a safe planet. Carol also found out that she was actually from earth and not an alien and she possessed power from the energy source used. They found the secret Laboratory of the dead scientist Skrull but Carol was later captured. But the Hero in her fought back hard and unleashed the full potential of her powers and defeated the Kree, who called for backup but could not withstand the power of Carol.

First and foremost, the movie is not so bad to be honest, the only reason why people could not appreciate this movie was because of the high expectation of Avengers: Endgame which did a disservice to Captain Marvel. After watching Avengers: Infinity war, the viewers did not want to see anything else asides the sequel and that just made the interest on Captain Marvel wean to be honest. Samuel L Jackson playing the younger Fury was at his best again in this one and Agent Colsen making an appearance was interesting. Though the Cat scratching his eyes story did not sell after we expected a more impressive reason for the loss of his eye. They did not give us a good arc story for that. The costume change too was not bad at all. Captain Marvel herself being her first story in the Marvel Universe did not give us a chance to fall in love with the character and see how we truly feel about the character played a huge role.

But all in all, it was an average movie, about a superhero going through events that would awaken her to her true purpose kind of movie. Not much of a surprise or a twist to be honest and she was too powered up also if you ask me. I really do hope Marvel does a sequel to this movie for us a get a concrete opinion of Carol Denver but for this movie I will give it a 2.5 star out of 5.

Have a great weekend and remember, no one is perfect, no family is perfect. So don’t look down on yourself or your mistake instead learn from them and try to be the better version of you and in all let love guide you always.

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