Guard Your lips: The Curious Case of NairaMarley and Okon

Guard Your lips: The Curious Case of NairaMarley and Okon

Proverbs 13:3 says Those who guard their lips preserve their lives, but those who speak rashly will come to ruin.

This Bible verse is so important to what I have to discuss today. When Nairamarley went on a rampage about supporting those that engage in cybercrime (what we call yahoo yahoo in Nigeria) and how they have done much good, he had many that supported him on social media. They pushed him to the point he openly supported them, alluded his successes in his music to them and shut down any and everybody that dared to speak against them.

He was living the life and some artist supported him, he had new followers, and everything seemed fine with the world. Even when Ruggedman a veteran in the music business told him to air on the side of caution, he abused him and told him to use his energy into releasing a new song. He felt untouchable at this point.

He was untouchable till the team from the Economic and Financial Crime Commission came calling and arrested him, his fan made a feeble attempt on social media to shout against it but that was all about it. It has been days now and all the noise seem to have died down but Nairamarley is still held in custody and there was no bail granted because the spokesperson of the EFCC said they had a strong case against him and would be arraigning him in court soon.

All this came about because he did not listen to the old but ever green words from the wisest man to ever grace the earth. “Those who guard their lips preserve their lives, but those who speak rashly will come to ruin”. I will continue to follow the case, but he cannot say at this point his life has not been put on a halt. I TOTALLY CONDEMN CYBERCRIME IN ITS ENTIRETY! And everyone should because it is evil, selfish and cold. He dared supported it and was fueled by those that did not care about him or cared about the bad image those evil set are giving Nigeria, but here we are not. He has become the scapegoat and it will teach him a lesson never to speak without wisdom in the future if he is not ruined by all this.

No wonder they say Wisdom is profitable to direct. I hope this is a wakeup call for the youths to watch what they say and be guided because their words can comeback to hurt them even ruin them.

This is also something Okon the comedian should learn from. Saying it is not rape because a set of people are prostitute is an all new low and should not be condoned. Rape is Rape regardless of who it is melted out to and for Police officers that are commissioned into protecting lives doing such vile things. It is just sad and despicable to say the least. Once again, the words about guarding your lips will play a role here again but it might be too late for Okon when it does. He has lost my respect and the respect of well-meaning Nigerians. He probably would have lost potential opportunities. He would not know the impact now, but it will dawn on him someday soon.

May God help us to always guard our tongue from destroying ourselves.

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  1. first of all, they are human beings and NO HUMAN BEING DESERVES TO BE RAPED!

    saying they have no dignity was just stupid, prostitution may have no dignity, but they are humans before they are prostitutes, who are we to judge.

    No dignity in fraud, but does not mean we should go ahead and kill all yahoo boys we see at sight.



    • No Human should be subjected to RAPE!!! Like you have said we are Human’s first and we should treat ourselves that way…. Thanks Folarin… T21


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