The News 13/5

The News….

Hello everyone, I know it has been a long time since you saw a post from me, but all I can really say is LIFE HAPPENED! We press on regardless. So the news from this side.

Manchester City Crowned Champions…

The blue half of Manchester where crowned Champions on Sunday 12th of May 2019 after an intense two horse race with Liverpool. Manchester city won the league with a win against Brighton which makes Pep the third manager in the new Era to do a back to back of the League title (Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho where previous holder of this record). Also, of note to mention is that Three players shared the highest goal scorer award and what makes it even more amazing is that they are all from Africa. Sadio Mane, Mo Salah and Aubameyang with all 22 goals. Hazard had the most assist.

Spanish Grand Prix…

It was another Mercedes One-two and the fifth consecutive one this season and the question for everyone is that, is it already over for Ferrari this early? Hamilton drove amazingly once again to overtake Bottas not just on the day but also in the ranking for the championship. Ferrari would really have to come up with a reply if they still intend to compete this season.

The Madrid Open

Novak Djokovic Madrid Open 2019…

Novak Djokovic beat Tsitsipas to win the Madrid open 2019. Nadal the King of clay could not make it past Tsitsipas in the semis while Roger Federer lost to Thiem in the Quarters. This is the tournament before the French Open which Nadal, Federer and even Djokovic have an eye on. But with this win Djokovic is in the best stead to take it. Who can stop the Terminator?!

Ganduje splits the Emirate…

The Governor has decided to split the emirates into four stating that he needs the people touched by the traditional rulers. Many have called it a political move but the Governor stated he only did it with the people in mind, though there was a court ruling that was to stop it but the Governor claimed it was too late that the Legislative arm had signed it into law. Sanusi the Emir just returned, and I am certain we have not seen the end of this.

Avengers’ Endgame passed the Two-Billion-dollar mark and is on course to be the highest grossing movie ever. Would it beat Titanic to it? Only time will tell.

You got One life to live. Live it Happy, live it fun, live it responsibly and make sure you follow your dream people. You don’t get a second chance at this people.

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