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This movie was supposed to complete the story arc of both UNTOUCHABLE and SPLIT. One talked of a man that seemed indestructible and very strong which was played by Bruce Willis while the other talked about a man with multiple personality disorder with one of them being a beast with super strength and speed. Finally, there is Samuel L. Jackson playing Elijah Price. The man with brittle bones but the world’s innovative, inventive genius mind. He was so good and calculated it could be said he could predict the future or most likely predict the present and was always one step ahead of everyone. While Bruce Willis who plays David Dunn was the only survivor in a train crash, who later found out Elijah was the one that orchestrated the crash went around helping people as a vigilante, Dunn also had a weakness, he feared water and was powerless to it. Elijah had other plans to bring them out to the world and prove to everyone that Superheroes existed which he tried to make Dunn admit and come out to no avail, he went as far as doing bad things just to reveal Elijah to the world. I will stop here because you really need to watch the movies to understand.

So, GLASS showed the three supposed superhuman captured by an organization that wanted to eradicate the notion of super heroes. The first target was to try and convince the three men that they had no super powers and when Elijah started to plot and busted them out, the company moved to second gear, which meant elimination of all three of them which they succeeded in doing using their weakness. Dunn was drowned in water; Kevin Wendell Crumb was killed when his most vulnerable personality was activated, and he was shot and finally Elijah was killed by Kevin’s beast personality when it was revealed that Kevin’s dad was also in that train that Elijah made crash. The company thought they had won by wiping out every evidence, but little did they know that Elijah even in death was one step ahead. He had copied the whole fight scene of Dunn and the beast and sent it out live to everyone.

That is the summary of the movie and though I anticipated something better it failed to impress if I was being honest. I expected more action and intrigue, but it felt more like two old men past their superhero age and strengths against another human animal with no control. It looked forced a times the fights and the dialogue were really one dimensional. The acting of James Mcavoy was amazing, acting all those multiple personalities was no small feat and probably that was the highlight for me in the whole movie because he did it amazingly well and he should be given five stars for it but the movie overall rendered all that in vein.

It could have been something more, but it ended up being just another ‘could have’ movie if I am being honest. Because of my love for superhero movie and how wide off the mark they were with this I am giving it ONE STAR out of FIVE.

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