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The Boy who Harnessed the Wind…

The Boy who Harnessed the Wind…

Today is Monday and not a time for a movie review but because this movie talks of a true-life story that happened in Malawi and really touched me, I just had to share this amazing inspirational story today. I will not go into details of the movie but what it teaches; that is the true story of William Kamkwamba.

William Kamkwamba was a small boy that wanted to go to school but loved to meddle with gadgets. He was a bright boy. His father a peasant farmer did all he could to send his son to school. The government as usual in Africa never cared for its people or how they survived but only where interested when it was time for another election year. But a year came when the rains did not come, and food was so scarce there was nothing the family could feed on. Trywell, WIlliam’s father could not say where they would get their next meal. William decided to find a way of getting electricity and in turn getting a pumping machine to pump water to their farm from the scrap in their town. His father did not approve at first but later came around. That singular act saved their village and he went ahead to get scholarship that changed his life and that of his family. Though his family still lives in that village.

This story showed me many things. First and foremost, Africa needs to do better, its leaders need to do better. When developed countries are developing better ways to produce food for their people all year round, we still depend on the weather. When developed countries are developing better storage facilities and training their children to do advance things and go with the trend of the modern world. We still are backward in our education teaching our children things that are no longer compliant with the society of today. When will our leadership get it right when it comes to our economy, our education, our rights and our security? When will they get it right when it comes to our Health also?

Also, this story tells us the effect of global warming. We, the people of the earth have destroyed the ozone layer and with the effects come irregular and harsh weather conditions. It is time to plant more trees and avoid emitting harmful gases. It is time to face reality and save our dying world.

Finally, the story of William Kamkwamba reinforces to believe that we need to believe in the inbuilt gift of our children and support them. Let us stop trying to relive our lives in our children. Let us stop trying to successfully relive our shortcomings and failures through them and let us make sure they are the best version of who they can be. Everyone is blessed and gifted differently. We can nurture this gift. Because of a boy’s gift his whole village was saved from the drought. The Gift of a man maketh room for him, is the best line I can give to this moving and inspiring story. Pursue your dream and do not give up. If you fail the first time, try; try again.

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