Green Book…

A working-class Italian-American bouncer becomes the driver of an African-American classical pianist on a tour of venues through the 1960s American South.

When an Italian Bouncer in America is out of work due to construction of where he works, he has to look for work to feed his family. Not wanting to do anything illegal he tries to find a legal job, but his reluctant when he finds a job as a driver of an African-American classical Pianist. The Pianist does not just need a driver but someone that can protect him from White extremist in the American South where slavery and racism is still persistent in most parts.

The movie shut in the sixties setting, shows the contrast and privileges that come with color and the downsize of not being white skinned regardless of talent.

Tony Lip, the Italian fast becomes friends with the pianist Don Shirley, though it started roughly but the ice is broken, and they begin to see each other from each other’s eyes. Tony Lip is encouraged by the courage of Don Shirley to honor his contract hereby changing the perception of the black man and the humiliation he had to face while at it.

This movie also reminds us that regardless of skin color, race, culture, tradition or religion we can actually co-exist if we out our minds to it.  Don Shirley taught Tony how to express his thoughts in writing while Tony taught Don just how to relax and enjoy the little things of life without being so uptight.

At the end a lonely Don is invited by Tony for Christmas which he eventually takes, and they become friends for life.

It is not your average action-packed movie, but a drama with sweet storytelling that would mesmerize you.  It makes you look at life differently and question yourself, “Just what if I am in the position of power how would I treat those under me and vice versa”. If you are patient and love a good drama it is one movie to watch.

I will rate it a TWO STAR out of FIVE. It was not amazing, but it was good…

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  1. “It was not amazing, but it was good…”
    Boy bye, Green book will always be remembered as one of the best films of 2018. I doubt we saw the same film though because this is one of the few films from that era that doesn’t emphasize race but rather how people forged their relationships in spite of what was going on. This film is a 4/5 in my books

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    • lool I know it is your kind of movie so I am not surprised. But it was nice considering the message it was trying to pass across. It talked about race though and showed it every step of the way. But relationship regardless of color was a priority and a warped sense of race superiority was shown. If tables where turned… T21


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