What does your Religious Belief preach?

What does your Religious Belief preach?

Happy Easter everyone!!! It was a long Holiday one I spent in the house of the Lord. It was one refreshing time to be honest and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But as I decided to finally go through social media, I saw something that caught my attention and was worth mentioning here.

A case was brought before the Supreme court by the parent of a child who where suing for 10 million Naira, their case was that the hospital decided to carry out blood transfusion against their will hereby saving the child’s life.

Whao!! Like seriously the child’s life was saved because of the transfusion, the child’s life was saved after the Doctors got a permit to transfuse the child and save the child and the parents had the effrontery to sue. In the words of the writer on twitter “To think that the parents sought for 10million in damages for having their child saved against their wish is the most ridiculous angle to the case.

So, their faith is against blood transfusion even if it means saving a life? Which kind of religion is that? Shouldn’t a religion preach LOVE and is love not going ahead to save a life when you can? Or does their religion have ulterior motives? What if this child grows up turns to another religion or Faith and reads this decision of how his parents wanted to terminate his life because of a belief? How do you think he will take it? I think the Religious Sect should really do some soul searching and ask themselves profound questions.

Let me state here that any religion that its beliefs is not born out of LOVE should be questioned because the ultimate thing should be how to share love, spread love and become the LOVE we preach. Is that not why Jesus died, is that not why he died on the cross at least this is me speaking for myself.

If your religion preaches or implies violence or bodily harm to another then my brother and sister you have a wrong belief, if your religion does not afford people the right to exercise their freewill then your religion is not one born out of LOVE. Your belief or way of life should preach love, kindness, a large heart, giving and forgiveness amongst other things. Let us be better. We can do better.

P.S if I was the judge those parents should be jailed, if in their right senses they decide against blood transfusion for themselves it is fine. But an innocent baby that expects his parents to be there for them; acting in such a manner and still going ahead to demand money for damages is just downright cold. May God help us all.

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  1. May God help us all indeed. I’ve come to realize that we ALL read the Bible but just like everything else, we all interpret it differently. I’m not here to say who’s right or wrong but I doubt the parents would be “happy” if their kid died.

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